Setting The Wedding: Part 6

I don’t know what has gotten into me this month, but I’ve finally realized how close we’re actually getting to the wedding and how much stuff I really need to do. Like I’ve said before in all of my previous Setting the Wedding posts, we are having a fairly small wedding so at least I have that going for me when it comes to reducing the amount of stress. We’re almost to the eight week mark, which means things are getting real. I’m finally making decisions and crossing off big planning milestones. With just a little more than eight weeks to go, I totally got this.
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We got so much stuff done this past month and it feels so good to finally be making some progress. Up until this point, we’ve really just been scoping things out. Now we’re finalizing plans and it’s so exciting! One of the things that wasn’t on our to-do list, but has been in the back of our minds is planning for the honeymoon. We’ve been paying attention to Summer sales and taking advantage of those to stock up on our clothes. Speaking of honeymoon, there's been a little bump in the road. Everything has been set in stone for three months now and we just got an email from Sandals saying that the Antigua location will be closed until December. Are you kidding me?? So now we're stuck having to find a new location and new plane tickets. I am so not happy.

We're almost done with getting all of Jacob’s suit accessories. The only thing left is a pocket square and a belt. I tried my dress on with my slip, veil, shoes, and everything else for the first time since receiving them all. Aside from the crazy amount of tailoring that has to be done and needing to size up in the slip, everything else is ready to go. I do have my fitting coming up in two weeks, so I’m really excited about that. The girls at the store are so nice and I’m excited to work with them again. I bought my dress on clearance, which means they couldn’t order me one and the size they had in store was my only option. It’s a size 8 and I’m more like a size 2 in wedding dresses, so they’ll definitely have their work cut out for them. Thankfully, though, I met the lady who would be doing the alterations when I bought the dress and she saw it on me. We wrote down a few things that need to be fixed and I’m trusting she’ll make it perfect.
In my last Setting the Wedding post, I mentioned that we were working on the catering menu. We’ve finalized that with the caterer and have all the dishes decided on. I’m so excited to eat!! I finally got around to doing my research on local florists and found one I really liked. We went to talk with them and they are seriously so sweet. When you walk out of a store feeling happy because of the way you were treated and welcomed, that’s when you know who to book. That’s one thing that has been very consistent in our planning so far and I am so beyond grateful for it. Same goes for the hairstylist. I went to sit in with my mom one day and her stylist was so nice. She did a trial run right then and there, and it was comforting to see the joy on her face as she was working her magic.

Finding Jacob’s ring was one of the hardest struggles so far. He’s never worn a ring in his life, so that was very new territory for him. I had zero idea of what he might like, but we finally got our order in. I didn’t know until a few weeks ago that SamNSue, the company who made my ring, also offers men’s rings. I’m actually really happy that we were able to keep it all from the same place. It’s much less confusing that way. We also finally made a decision on our first dance song and made another visit to the venue to do more planning.
I wasn’t sure where I was going to order the wedding invitations and rsvp cards from, but I finally got it done with Vistaprint. I personalized cards on other sites and once I got to the end, realized that they had completely changed the price just because I had changed a color. No thanks! So I just got those in the mail recently and am in the process of getting those all put together. My goal is to have those going out sometime next week.

I have a very large family. Like, really large. There are many, many, many of us. Half of them live in Louisiana and the other half is in Florida, with a few others scattered around. My aunt is the sweetest thing ever and wanted to throw me a separate bridal shower in Louisiana, making it easier on guests who would’ve had to drive. I had such a fun time and am so thankful I’m blessed with such an amazing family. The second one will be in a few weeks and I can’t wait!
As far as things that we have to do this month, the list isn’t actually that bad. We have to continue adding songs to a playlist, which we’ll probably do all the way up until the week of. I’ve been trying to get my rehearsal dinner dress, but finding a white floral maxi dress with traditional ¾ sleeves is a lot harder than what I was expecting. If any of my fashion bloggers know where I should look, please let me know! We’ve talked about favors a little bit, but haven’t made any final decisions yet. And we have mostly everything for the centerpieces, we just have to actually put it all together.

As the month goes on and I start to receive rsvp cards back, I’ll be updating the guest list which will be really helpful. Once we start finalizing more plans, I can also start making a rough draft of that weekend so we know exactly what is happening when. My planner suggested meeting with our deejay and our officiant to go over playlists and choose readings. Thankfully, our officiant is also our deejay and we’ll be meeting with him as it gets closer to the wedding.
We also have a lot of things that we don’t have to worry about doing this month, for one reason or another. We won’t be making any seating charts or table numbers and we’ve already had the food tasting. I don’t have to look for a veil and the shoe shopping is finally over. I’ve been slowly breaking those in around the house and getting comfortable with them so I’ll look like a total professional walking down that aisle!

Things are getting serious around here. There’s a lot going on in all different directions. If I didn’t have my planner to write everything down in, plus about 3 other lists going I’d probably be forgetting everything. One thing that hasn’t changed throughout this whole process is how much fun I’m having. I’ve always heard my whole life that planning a wedding is so stressful and while there have been things that required more work and time than others, there hasn’t been anything that’s had my head spinning (aside from this current Sandals situation). Everyone has been so helpful and because of that, planning is flowing very smoothly. I can’t believe how fast it’s coming up! ♥

~Mani Monday~
I went back to one of my favorites this week. Playing with bright colors is a lot of fun, but there’s nothing quite like a shade that can match with absolutely everything and the Sinful Colors polish called Soulmate is just that. It’s the perfect muted pink that looks flattering on almost everyone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recommended this polish, I love it!
What’s on your nails this week?


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