ColourPop Nude Mood Palette Review

At the rate ColourPop releases new products, I’m not sure how anybody can keep up! Their brand has grown tremendously over the past few years and they have so much to offer. When I first tried their Super Shock shadows and blushes four years ago, I was extremely disappointed. I’ve kinda avoided the brand ever since, but their pressed eyeshadow palettes sparked my interest. I was very curious about the quality and obsessed with color selection in this Nude Mood palette!

ColourPop products can usually be purchased at Ulta stores, as well as on the brand website. This palette retails for $14 and includes nine eyeshadows. It’s set in cardboard packaging and while there is no mirror provided, shade names are listed below each eyeshadow.

I ordered this palette online and while the colors are beautiful, the pan sizes are much smaller than expected. One of the shadows also arrived broken, which made me thankful I purchased it from Ulta to make the exchange process easier. The most difficult part was finding a store that had it in stock - this palette seems to be very popular!

The shades shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are Bluffin’, Wink Wink, Bare to Wear, Au Naturale, Put on Heirs, Mugged Off, Lap of Lux, The Cocoa, and Moody. Put on Heirs and Lap of Lux both have a shimmer finish, Mugged Off and The Cocoa have the smallest amount of glitter in them, Wink Wink is one of their Super Shock formulas, and the rest have a matte finish.

Wink Wink is the one that originally arrived broken and the one that I am the least impressed with. I didn’t know it was one of their Super Shock shadows when I purchased it, but that definitely explains its slippery consistency and lack of pigment. I wish it had a shimmer finish like Put on Heirs or Lap of Lux because with its Super Shock formula, it’s completely unusable. It’s such a shame because the shimmery pink looks so beautiful in the pan and could add so much to this color story.

Aside from Wink Wink, the rest of the shadows are all nicely pigmented with a buttery smooth formula that is very easy to work with. I love the range of colors because it can create a soft, matte look (as shown in my recent tutorial) or it can go in a more dramatic shimmery direction. When applied over a primer, these shadows can last for at least eight hours without creasing or muddying together.

This palette provided a much more pleasant experience than what I shared in my original review of this brand four years ago. Although I still don’t understand their Super Shock formula, their pressed shadows are great quality and something I would purchase again!

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