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Concealer Hacks

Almost ten years ago, I decided to stop wearing foundation. At the time, my skin was looking pretty good and I realized I didn’t need it. Not to mention, I hate how most foundations feel like a heavy mask. I’ll still wear it on occasion if I need to, but usually I just wear concealer instead. When using concealer as a foundation replacement, there’s quite a few adjustments that need to be made and I’ve learned many tricks over the years to make the process even more effective. 1.) Apply less for more coverage
This was probably the biggest adjustment I had to make. The “triangle application” under the eyes isn’t always the best option. Rather than reaching for heavier concealers and applying more of it, try using a medium coverage/lightweight formula instead. Apply it sparingly in targeted areas around the face and slowly build up the coverage as needed. The results will look more natural and feel more comfortable.
2.) Blend with finger
A dense brush is usually my preferred method to apply…

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