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Behind the Scenes: Common Blogging Questions Answered Part 2

Blogging is so interesting. Whether you’re someone who wants to start a blog, whether you already have one, or whether you’re just a reader it is always interesting to learn more about it. Bloggers don’t typically talk about what goes on behind the pretty layout and the perfected content. That’s probably because it’s too much work and very difficult to explain. Last month, I took you behind the scenes and answered some of the most common blogging questions. There’s so much to talk about that I decided to include a part 2 to that post again this month. So here’s 10 new questions answered for you about all the dirty work a blogger really does.
1.) Are you an organized or messy blogger? Definitely organized. Everything in my life (for the most part) is organized. I can’t really think straight when things are messy because the only thing on my mind is how it needs to be organized. I mentioned in the last Behind the Scenes post how I keep three different planners...just for blogging.
2.) Wha…

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