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July Boxycharm Unboxing

Boxycharm had me a little worried this month, I’m not gonna lie. I got my shipping email extremely early, much earlier than usual. Then it just sat there with no updates for an entire week. An entire week, y’all! Finally everything updated and I did get my box around the usual date, so everything was fine. But that’s not something to play with, I really did think it was lost. Before we get into what was included in this month’s box, let’s first quickly review how last month’s products worked out for me. Because, really, that’s just as important.

~Luxie #640 Pro Precision Tapered Brush~ This was a nice brush, although it did take me a little while to figure out what its best use is. I typically use this to lightly dust away powders around the face. Whether that be a baking powder under the eyes or taking care of some eyeshadow fallout, this works great because the bristles are so loose.

~Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder (Illuminati)~ I wasn’t sure about this one at first just because l…

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