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Pur x Boxycharm Palette Tutorial

There comes times in your life where you’re put in situations that are gonna make you uncomfortable. That’s just how it is, right? Well, this time I was the one putting myself in that position. I received this Pür x Boxycharm eyeshadow palette last month and knew it was my blogging duty to not only post a review about it, but also feature it in a tutorial. I wasn’t really too concerned with the peach tones as I was with the bright blue and magenta. But I toughed it out and created a look that I actually ended up loving! Who woulda thought?!
The eyeshadows in this palette do have a difficult time sticking to primer, so make sure you use one that has a little more tackiness to it. I used the Cover FX Shimmer Veil in the shade Amethyst. The Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes would also be a really good option. This palette is missing a nice neutral medium brown shade, so I had to bring in one of my favorite Makeup Geek single eyeshadows in the shade Crème Brulee. I applied that throughout…

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