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Get to Know Me Q+A

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any kind of “get to know me” type of post. I did the actual Get to Know Me tag years ago when I first started my blog, but that’s since gotten buried in the archives as my blog has grown. So I figured it’s about time I do something like it again. I searched and found a bunch of questions related to this type of post, 15 of which I’m answering right now!
1.) Do you have any pets? You mean my children? Yes, I have two! They both just had birthdays in March and April, so we officially have a 5 year old German Shepherd and a 1 year old Australian Shepherd. We love these breeds, even if it means constant shedding and vacuuming. Having two dogs is a lot different than just having one, but we’ve been so much happier because of it. These two have become closer than we ever could have imagined, and their personalities complement each other perfectly. Our family feels so complete. ♥ 2.) What’s your favorite gadget? The first things I think about when I hear “g…

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