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Top 5 Summer Lips

Honestly, I’m pretty boring when it comes to lip colors. Like you didn’t already know that!! I like the classic colors that look pretty, girly, and natural. It’s very rare that I ever wear any of the newer, more bold colors like blues, purples, or grays. I’m also extremely picky when it comes to the consistency of lip products. If it’s sticky at all or uncomfortable in any way, I can’t deal with it. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a color may be, it doesn’t stay in my collection if it’s not comfortable. Even though I’m boring when it comes to the colors I wear, I do have some that I prefer to wear in the Summer versus others that I rather wear in the Winter.
These aren’t listed in any particular order, other than from lightest to darkest. The lightest shade I wear is called Juicy Papaya by Revlon. This is part of their Lip Butters line that I absolutely love. I believe this is their most popular shade, but it was actually the last one from their collection that I picked up. I kept look…

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