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Top 5 Beauty Uses for Q-tips

There’s almost no limit to the amount of ways Q-tips can be used to help in our everyday lives. They are no doubt one of the most versatile products ever made! While I do incorporate cotton swabs in my cleaning routines and use them for various other household purposes, I have a few permanent places for them in my beauty routine to assist in ways no other tool can. 1.) Fix mascara mistakes This is definitely my favorite and most common way that I use cotton swabs in my beauty routine. I even have a full blog post dedicated to it! If you ever get mascara anywhere on your face other than your lashes, don’t touch it ! Let it dry completely and it’ll easily flake off with a dry Q-tip like nothing even happened. 2.) Apply skincare Cotton swabs are great for applying all kinds of different skincare products from eye cream to cuticle oil and even conditioning the lashes with Vaseline or Vitamin E oil. It’s also the perfect tool for applying my favorite Mario Badescu Drying Lotion because it

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