The Big Day!

I’m not even sure how I’m supposed to start this post. Y’all, I’m getting married today! I can’t even believe it! From December 13th, 2016 until now, it has been nothing but planning and now the day is finally here that I get to marry the man of my dreams. I’ve waited for this day my whole life and now it’s actually happening. I don’t even think I can fully put into words everything that I’m feeling right now, I’m just so excited. Very nervous and anxious, but so happy.
Big Day.jpg
I can’t thank my family enough for all that they’ve done in helping me plan this big day in my life. Without them, I’d be a total mess right now. Jacob is the most amazing man and I feel so blessed that I get to meet him at the altar in just a few hours. ♥

Thank you all for following our journey this far through my Setting the Wedding series, I can’t wait to share all the details with you! We will be leaving on our honeymoon, so posts and my social media presence will be postponed until Friday, October 20th. In the meantime, don’t forget to catch up on all of my previous posts. I’ll see you soon!! Xoxo ♥

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