Pür Cosmetics Soirée Diaries Palette Tutorial

I am so surprised with how much I’ve been enjoying the Pür Cosmetics brand lately. I’m pretty sure I’ve liked every single item that I’ve tried from them, which is very rare for that to happen. I’m not complaining, though! They can keep it coming. After looking more into their brand, it makes me more happy to see the safe ingredients that they use and that they’re kind of like a mid-range brand as far as most of their product prices are concerned. I was super excited when I got their Soirée Diaries palette in last month’s Boxycharm and I immediately knew I wanted to try my best to create a tutorial for the eyes using just this palette alone. If you can get an entire eyeshadow look out of one palette without having to reach for anything else to be completely satisfied, it automatically makes it a billion times better.
I will be posting a separate full review of this palette with my complete thoughts and swatches of each shade in the very near future, so for this post I’ll only be focusing on application techniques and pairing shades.

Starting with primer, I decided to use Ulta’s Nude Matte primer because most of the shadows in this palette are matte. I love that this one provides the slightest bit of coverage on the eyelid also to conceal veins to prevent them from altering the shade of the eyeshadows. After the primer has dried, I lightly dusted a small amount of the shade called Private Party all over the eyelids to set the primer and allow the other shades to blend more easily.
Primer.JPGPrivate party.jpgStep 1.JPG
To add a natural definition in the crease, I’m taking the shade Gala on a Morphe MB23 brush and placing that all throughout my crease and the outer half of my eye. This is a very light shade, so it won’t be too overpowering. You really want to make sure you tap off the excess because this, and most of the shades in this palette, have quite a bit of kick-up when getting the powder on the brush. Please make sure you tap the brush, though, and don’t blow on it. That adds germs to the bristles and can cause all types of gross side effects that we just won’t talk about right now.
Step 2.JPG
For some darker definition, I’m taking the shade Splurge on a blending brush from the Sephora Professionals collection and blending that into the outer corner and crease area. This shade is pretty pigmented, but I still made sure to pack it on a little more intensely than I usually would just for this particular look. Once I had the pigmentation where I wanted it, I made sure to go back and blend with an empty loose blending brush to erase those harsh lines even more. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but trust me when I tell you that blending makes the biggest difference.
Splurge.jpgStep 3.JPGStep 4.JPG
Next I’m taking the pretty purpley-taupe shade called Dazzle on an Elf Contour brush and placing that in the crease directly above where we already have Splurge. I focused most of the color on the outer part of the crease and faded it more as I got to the halfway point and into the inner part of the eye. Keeping the darker colors on the outer corner will make the eye appear bigger, compared to them looking much smaller and closed off if I were to take those dark shades all the way to the inner part of the eye. And again, remember to blend with a separate brush after this step too!
Dazzle.jpgStep 5.JPG
I decided not to add any of the tan camel shades under the lower lashline for today’s look, so instead I’m going straight to working on the inner half of the eyelid. Using my first finger, I applied the shade Twinkle over the inner half of my eye. Finger application with such pigmented shimmery shades will make the color so much more intense. Not to mention that it’s also a lot faster than using a brush.
Twinkle.jpgStep 6.JPG
After that shade was applied, it was a little darker than what I was looking for so I decided to add a little bit of Mogul directly on top of that. I, again, applied that shade with my finger first and then worked at blending those two colors together with the rest of the look using a BH Cosmetics #103 Small Shader brush from their Eye Essential brush set. If you haven’t checked out that set already, I highly recommend it. It’s under $10 for seven brushes that can help you create almost any eyelook.
Mogul.jpgStep 7.JPG
I’m taking the same Private Party shade that we used in the first step and applying that to the very inner corner of my eye using a small shader brush from the Sephora Professionals collection. This is one of my favorites steps in eyeshadow application because it really helps to catch the light and brighten the eyes even more.
Step 8.JPG
Since I’m trying not to bring in any other products for this look, I’m skipping adding in a pencil eyeliner and just using the shades Snazzy and Epic on an angled eyeliner brush from Ecotools to define the outer corner of the eye. If you wanted to, you could take these shades all the way to the inner corner for more intensity on the upper lid. Just make sure you stay away from doing that on the lower lashline. That will create a raccoon eye effect and make the eyes appear extremely small.
Snazzy & Epic.jpgStep 9.JPG
Now all there’s left to do is curl the lashes and apply as many coats of mascara as they can hold. Just kidding, I’m using my current favorite L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara and only have to use three coats to get my lashes looking as thick and as long as I want them to be. I’ve used this so much, it’s about time for me to buy a new tube!
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
I’ve never been much of a warm-toned eyeshadow girl until recently, so I’m really loving the shades in this palette right now. There’s so many looks that you can create with it, but I’m saving my favorite for a future post on my wedding day makeup. This palette was one of the stars of the show that day! Along with the Mac Eyebrow Pencil that I’m also wearing in this tutorial. I tried to incorporate a lot of products that were in my September Boxycharm and pair them together for today's look. I used the bareMinerals Perfecting Face brush for my foundation and the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip for the title picture. Make sure to come back for Friday’s post to see mini reviews of those products, as well as what new items I got for this month!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please feel free to share it using one of the buttons below. And if you recreate this look or get inspired to do something similar, make sure to tag me on any of my social media! All of my links are at the bottom of the post and on the left sidebar. Have you tried this palette before? What your favorite Pür Cosmetics product?

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I don’t have a new manicure to show you for this week! I’m still wearing my french tip acrylics that I got done for the wedding, which you probably caught a glimpse of in the tutorial pictures. They’ve grown out quite a bit over the past two weeks and although they were fun while it lasted, I am so excited to get them taken off in a few days. I’m so not a long nail type of girl. I need my short nails back and I know they’re ready to breathe again!

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