SUVA Beauty Protégé Palette Review

One of my favorite things about Boxycharm is getting the opportunity to try new brands that I’ve never heard of before. I mean, with so many beauty companies that are out there now, I have no idea how they find them all. Whether a product ends up being good or bad, I just love learning more about what other makeup is available. SUVA Beauty came out of nowhere in last month’s Boxycharm and I was so curious to see what this Protégé eyeshadow palette was all about.

According to the brand’s website, this is a limited edition palette and it retails for $34. Their inspiration behind this palette was to “encourage artists to revisit their knowledge about color theory and challenge them to create looks based on complementary and analogous color schemes.” I definitely see where the challenge comes in when looking at the color selection and number of shades provided.

My first thought when I got this palette was how impressively thin it is. I love the soft matte textured packaging and that they didn’t waste any space providing an applicator, while still including a necessary (and generously sized) mirror. The magnetic closure is actually pretty strong and shade names are always appreciated.
There are eight shadows in this palette, although the two on the ends are technically highlights. We’ll get into that later. The shade names as shown by color family in the swatch picture below are: Era, Tact, Balance, Conscious, Poetic, Structure, Aesthetic, and Theory. The two highlights (Era and Theory) have a more metallic finish. Poetic, Aesthetic, Tact, and Conscious are mattes, Structure has a glitter finish, and Balance is a satin.

For the most part, all of these shadows are nicely pigmented and have a buttery feel. Although Era and Theory feel more dry to the touch, Aesthetic and Conscious are two that can sometimes be difficult to blend. I’m happy that Tact and Poetic are as pigmented as they are. Balance gets almost zero use from me, but that’s based on my personal preference of color and finish. If that shade was matte, I’d probably use it a lot more.
There’s not too much fallout with the matte shades, but Era, Structure, and Theory will leave glitter all over the face during application. They do provide a beautiful look (stay tuned for a tutorial coming next week), but it’s not very enjoyable for me when I have glitter specks on my cheeks, lashes, and contacts. With a primer, these do still look strong after eight hours of wear.

I liked that this palette got me to play with more purples and combine them with some warm-toned browns. But at the same, I’m missing a transition shade and a liner shade. Not to mention the formula issues with glitter fallout and patchy mattes. I think those are some things they can improve on and the reasons why I wouldn’t recommend this palette at that price point and limited availability.

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