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Pixi Beauty is one of the brands that I explored the most during this past year. It wasn’t until I received my first package from them that the brand gained any of my attention. I had always heard wonderful things about their products, but always stuck to my favorites at the drugstore rather than venturing out. My collection of Pixi products has grown immensely and I thought it’d be fun to take as many items as I can to create a full face. I’ve never committed to one brand before while applying my makeup, so I’m looking forward to what’s going to come out of it.

We’ll start with the eyes first and then cover the rest of the face products. I don’t own an eyeshadow primer from Pixi, so I just applied my favorite Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Gilded Rose. Once the primer was set, I went into the Let’s Talk Eyes palette from the Weylie collab and applied the shade called Potato in my crease. This will act as my transition shade for the other colors that will be layered over top.
Then I’m going in with the shade called Sista and packing that on the outer half of my eye, gently blending up into the crease. I’m trying not to overlap the previous shade, although more can always be added if necessary. Once the color is built up enough, I went back in with a separate loose-bristled blending brush to soften the edges even more.
Switching over to the Café con Dulce palette from the Dulce Candy collab, I’m taking the shade Bon-Bon and putting that over the inner half of my eye. These shimmer shades are so buttery! I packed it on with my finger first to get as much pigmentation as possible, then blended it into the crease with a small shader brush.
Also in the Dulce palette, I used the shade Brillante as a highlight for the very inner corner of my eye. The shade called Itty Bitty in the Weylie palette would also work great for this purpose. I’m really just focusing on a bright color to reflect light in that area to makes the whites of the eyes appear brighter.
Something that’s fairly new to the Pixi collection is their Liquid Fairy Lights. It’s basically like liquid glitter and they are stunning! I used the shade Crystalline for this particular eyeshadow combination. It’s more of a white with glitter that leans more silver. To apply it, I just tapped the applicator on my lid and lightly blended it out evenly with my finger. Try not to mess with it too much once it’s applied otherwise your finger will pick up all the glitter. Allow this to dry for just a few seconds and then we can move on!
For eyeliner, I used on of the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens in the shade MatteMulberry. Although it’s called a pen, it’s really just a extremely creamy pencil. I applied that halfway along both my upper and lower lash lines, then added the shade called Bomb from the Weylie palette directly on top with an angled eyeliner brush. Layering the eyeshadow over top of it with help to intensify the pigmentation, create a softer appearance, and make it stay in place longer.
I do have a mascara primer from Pixi, but since this was my first time trying their Large Lash mascara I wanted to see the results it could provide on its own. I applied two coats, wiggling at the base to create some volume, let it set for a few seconds to get tacky, then applied a third coating pulling straight through the lashes to build the length. Unfortunately, it’s not as impressive and dramatic as I was hoping it would be, so next time I’ll definitely be adding in the primer to see if that helps.
For the rest of the face, I used the Rose Flash Balm as my primer and used my usual face products since I don’t have a concealer, foundation, or powder from Pixi. I used their Beauty Bronzer in the shade Summertime, the light golden champagne shade in the Subtle Sunrise Glow-y Gossamer Duo as my highlight, and the Chloe Morello palette for my brows and blush.
The bronzer does have a slight amount of shimmer to it, but it blends out beautifully on the skin and I love the color it provides. In the Palette Chloette, I used the shades Knot and Unity for my brows -- applying the lighter shade to the inner half and the darker shade on the outer part. The darkest blush, in the shade Romance, is the color I chose for the cheeks.

To finish everything off, I added the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip in the shade Real Red. This is one of my favorite lip colors for Winter and is one of the most gorgeous, true red shades I’ve ever seen. It’s also beautiful when paired with some of their Lip Icing in the shade Cake.
I’ve never done a full face just using one brand before and it only makes sense that Pixi would be the first one I choose. Of all the brands I’ve received products from in my 3+ years of blogging, Pixi is one of the most delightful. Aside from the mascara in this tutorial, I’ve never been disappointed by any of their products and they’ve never required anything from me in exchange for any packages they send my way. In today’s beauty community, acts like that are beyond appreciated!

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Have you tried any of these products before? What are some of your Pixi favorites?
XO ♥ Christina ♥

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