Profusion Cosmetics Minimalist Palette Review

There’s no such thing as having too many neutral eyeshadows! Although they may all look very similar upon first glance, they each have different undertones, formulas, finishes, and usually appear completely different once applied to the eyes. When offered as many shades as what is included in this Profusion Cosmetics Minimalist palette, subtle differences are much more easily detectable. 

Profusion Cosmetics is known for their affordable prices and while this palette includes 35 different shades, it retails for only $13! It’s set in plastic packaging with a clear lid and rose gold accents. There is no mirror or applicator included and although the shade names aren’t listed under each pan, it does come with a clear sheet that lists the names of all the colors. I don’t usually like those clear sheets because they’re not as convenient, but I was at least able to tape the sheet to the back of the palette so it doesn’t get lost.

This palette offers both cool and warm toned neutrals, along with a few pink and purple shades in a variety of different finishes. The colors included in the top row are: Slippers, Shivers, Moves, Compelling, Clay, Clarity, and Camel. Shivers, Compelling, and Clarity all have a shimmer finish, whereas the other four shades are matte.

With the exception of Camel, this row is full of beautiful highlighting shades that can match a variety of different skin tones. I would like to see more pigmentation out of the shimmer shades, but all of the matte shadows are extremely smooth and full of color.

The second row includes shades called Canvas (m), Twinkle (s), Top Notch (m), Glorious (s), Goddess, Outgoing (m), and Mercy (s). In this row, there are an even amount of matte (m) and shimmer (s) finishes along with one pressed glitter (Goddess). I don’t usually like to work with pressed glitters like this because they have a rough texture and can be very patchy, as shown in the swatch picture below.

The shimmers in this row, with the exception of Twinkle, are much more smooth and pigmented than the ones in the first row. Glorious has been one of my favorite shades in this entire palette because it’s the perfect depth of color to use in an easy one-shadow look.

The third row includes most of the pink and purple shades named Wannabe, Wonderland, Heart, Bizarre, Flirty, Lovely, and Honeymoon. Lovely and Honeymoon are the only matte shades in this row, Wonderland is a pressed glitter, and the rest have a shimmer finish.

This row seems to have the most formula inconsistencies compared to the rest of the palette. The glitter is (again) very chunky and patchy, Wannabe has a rough texture with almost no color payoff, and Honeymoon is much more dry than the rest of the matte shades.

The fourth row is where most of the warm medium-toned brown shades are at. These include Russet (m), West Coast (s), Changes (m), Sunstone (s), Captivate, Brown Sugar (m), and Fascinate (s). Much like the second row, there are three mattes and three shimmers along with one glitter (Captivate).

This is a row I use often because of the variety it has between all of the warm tones that I like to wear. It’s one of the best groups of shadows in this palette when considering texture and pigmentation. Aside from the glitter, every shade performs beautifully and I love how well the mattes and shimmers pair together to create a quick two-shadow look.

The last row includes much darker, cool-toned colors called Medieval, Uproar, Intuition, Studio, Cozy, Mystique, and Witchy. Studio and Mystique are the only shimmer shades in this row. Intuition is another pressed glitter and the rest have a matte finish.

Medieval is one of the more unique shades I’ve seen in awhile. Muted dusty rose shadows aren’t very common in most palettes, but they’re so gorgeous and it pairs beautifully with the bright rosey shimmer of Studio! Uproar is the perfect cool-toned brown and I love that the last three shades are dark enough to double as eyeliner. 

Overall, this is a wonderful palette. There are a few inconsistencies in the quality and I think the pressed glitters are a total waste, but I love that it has such a wide variety of so many neutral shades. Most of these shadows are very easy to work with and when applied over a primer, they last about six to seven hours on the eyes before any fading becomes noticeable. For only $13, this is a great option!

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