Beauty Product Fails #14

It would be wonderful if every beauty product worked the way they’re supposed to, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. A lot of makeup and skincare products all have very similar claims, which makes it almost impossible to tell which are actually really good and which are just faking it. My Beauty Product Fails series highlights the fakers to help you save some money!

Wander Beauty has had a lot of hit or miss products and their Glow Ahead Illuminating Face Oil definitely belongs in the miss category. This product retails for $42 and is basically just an oily serum full of glitter. I liked the dropper tip and the floral scent, but was disappointed that they consider specks of glitter to be a natural glow. I also didn’t notice any of the skincare benefits it claims to have, such as brightening and moisturizing. It left a very tacky feeling on the skin and never completely absorbed.

The Pür Cosmetics Bronze & Brighten cheek palette is a little bit of a heartbreaker. The colors are stunning, the texture in the pans is unique, the mirror is wonderful, and the formula feels like butter. The problem is that they’re completely full of shimmer and totally unwearable on the cheeks. Although the glow in the highlight is understandable, the level of shine in the bronzer and blush is so unnatural! These can maybe be used as eyeshadows, but really it’s just a waste.

I’ve been trying a lot of cream cheek products lately and unfortunately, this Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in the shade Werk is one of the worst. The dusty rose color is gorgeous, but the formula is no fun. It’s very dry, making it almost impossible to blend on the cheeks. I’ve tried many different application methods, but this formula always looks patchy. The dry consistency also makes it uncomfortable to wear on the lips.

Most skinny brow pencils all seem to be very similar, so I wasn’t really expecting anything special with this KVD Beauty Signature Brow Precision Pencil. Surprisingly, it had all kinds of problems! There was almost no pigment and the formula was so dry it couldn’t even be swatched without breaking. For those reasons, I never even got to apply the pencil to my brows. A total waste!

Petite ‘n Pretty is a brand I had never heard of before and after trying their Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara, I think I know why. This product has a lot of claims for both its ingredients and results. I liked the hourglass shape to the wand, but the formula did almost nothing to my lashes besides coat them black. It didn’t hold a curl, add any length, or provide noticeable volume. It was also extremely difficult and messy to remove.

It’s always disappointing when makeup products don’t work as they claim and it’s even more surprising when it’s least expected. I’ve tried many boring mascaras and sad cream blushes, but I was the most surprised by the brow pencil and cheek palette. These are five products that I definitely would not recommend!

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