Profusion Cosmetics Perfect Pout Soft Matte Lip Tint Review

Liquid lipsticks and other long wearing lip products are something that I used to completely avoid, but now they’ve become one of the products I reach for the most. It’s so convenient to not worry about reapplying throughout the day and somehow Profusion Cosmetics has found a way to make the formula of these new Perfect Pout Soft Matte Lip Tints incredibly lightweight and comfortable!

Profusion Cosmetics products can usually be found at Walmart and Target, as well as on the brand website. These lip tints retail for $4 each and come with .24 fl oz of product. There are 16 colors to choose from and each one has the name listed on the bottom of the tube. They come in a hard plastic packaging with a flat doe foot applicator. The rubber inserts do a great job at removing excess product from the wand while also providing enough color for a full application.

The five shades shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Humble, Confident, Independent, Leader, and Powerful. I love when brands create motivating names for products! All of these shades have a cream finish with no shimmer or glitter in the formula, and they’re very easy to apply.

Humble is a little too nude for my complexion and tends to erase my lips completely, so I don’t tend to reach for that one very often. Confident is my favorite because it’s soft, natural, and is the perfect compliment to almost any look. Independent is a bright coral and super fun to wear for a pop of color. Leader is an orange based red and while it is very bold, it can be a little streaky during application. Powerful is the most patchy of the bunch when considering its opacity, but once the color is evenly applied it is such a gorgeous berry!

I was never one to wear too many liquid lipsticks or other long wearing lip products because they usually have a very drying formula. While these do dry down completely matte, their lightweight consistency keeps them feeling comfortable. I also love applying a thin layer of lip balm underneath to provide a little extra nourishment. Overall, these are some really great lippies - a high-quality product at an affordable price!

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XO ♥ Christina ♥

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