The Estee Edit Review

Just like I’m always honest with y’all about everything, I’m gonna be honest about this little embarrassing story I have. When I first found out I was included in the Estée Edit Voxbox from Influenster, and even after I had received the box, I was completely oblivious to the obvious and had no idea this was made by Estée Lauder. I thought Estée Edit was a complete different and new brand. I was grateful, as always, to be included in any Voxbox, but definitely got much more excited when I learned all these goodies were from Estée Lauder. Surprise!!
Estée Lauder isn’t known for being one of the most affordable brands around, which I think really raises the bar on how perfect their products should be. I held these to the same strict standards I hold to all products that I test out and with the total of these four alone reaching $120, I am more than excited to share my opinion with y’all on what is worth the high price tag and what you might want to pass on.

The first product is their Flash Illuminator, which retails for $28 and comes with .85 fl oz. There are five shades available and the one that I have is Day Light, the fourth darkest shade. It is described as a rosy glow that can also double as a blush. I wasn’t sure about such a dark shade at first and I’m not really into the whole highlighting trend, so this isn’t something I’ve been getting a lot of use out of.
It does come with a pump and the consistency of it is very creamy and smooth. I haven’t noticed any glitter to it, just that it’s packed with sparkly sheen, which makes it look a bit more natural. It can also be mixed with lotion and applied to certain areas of the body for a bronze summer glow. Although this might not be the product for me, I can see how many people can enjoy it in a variety of different ways.
Next is their Beam Team Hydrate + Glow, which claims to be a moisturizer ideal for all skin types. It is the most expensive out of the four products, retailing at $42 for 1.7 fl oz. There are two shades available, a sheer golden beige (the one I have) and a slightly darker tinted bronze. What I thought was really interesting about it is that it has a different compartment inside the lid that contains a sheer shimmer concentrate.
The squeeze tube is nice and I like that it has more slim packaging, which is always a bonus if you’re looking to bring it with you. I don’t know how much it hydrates or perfects uneven skintone like it claims, but it will definitely provide an intense glow. This is another highlighting product that I wouldn’t necessarily like for myself. Although it does have a creamy and smooth formula, I don’t know that it’s worth so much more than the other products.
Finally, a mattifying product! This one is the Pore Vanishing Stick, which comes with .24 oz of product for $28. It claims that you can use it alone, before makeup, or over makeup any time during the day. I don’t know what they’re talking about, please do not go applying this over makeup on a dirty face. That’s gross. It also claims to instantly banish the look of pores. I can honestly tell you that is one claim that is 100% true. The first time I used it, I immediately noticed that my pores were blurred.
I love that it’s in a stick form because that makes it so much easier to use and has been something that I’ve reached for a lot lately. I even included it in my July Favorites! If I look really hard I can see it also trying to even out my skintone, but it’s nothing extravagant that anyone else would be able to notice. The only complaint I really have with this is that I’d like it to be a little more creamy because it does tend to feel a little dry when blending it in. But other than that, I think this is the best out of all four products.
The last product is a lipstick. They are calling these the Barest Lip Color and have included six different shades to choose from. The one I have is Nude Scene, which is the darkest shade in the line. This isn’t exactly a shade that I would consider to be a nude, especially for my skintone. But aside from that, it is a pretty dark - very dark - berry shade that will be great during the Fall and Winter months.
It retails for $22 and includes .12 oz of product. It’s made with muru muru butter and flower petal waxes for an extra smooth consistency. There is a little bit of a shine, but nothing too crazy and applies nicely without pulling at the lips. I should also note that the packaging is noticeably heavier than any other lipstick I own, which is something to take in consideration when you’re looking to carry it in your purse. If you’re someone who takes pride in collecting high end products, this one is very nice. However, it still is just a lipstick and not something that is going to improve your skin. Which, for me, isn’t enough to justify the price.
Overall, I really did enjoy testing these products out. As with any cosmetic line, there are going to be things that work, things that need to be improved on, and things that aren’t always made for everyone. When spending an average of $30 per product from this line, I think it’s important to consider every aspect to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

If I forgot to mention anything or if you have any other questions about these products, please leave them for me in the comments. Also, I’d love to know what you think of this new Estée Edit collection or what your favorite high end products are! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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