DIY Daily Planner

How many planners is too many before you’re over organized? And is over organized even a thing? I don’t think so. I probably have three different planners going at any given time, along with a to-do list that I’m always adding to. But I still wanted something else that was more flexible for my daily responsibilities. I don’t like crossing things out in my normal planner, so I started searching Pinterest for something that I’d be able to change things around if I needed to that also wasn’t going to make me lose my mind.
I came across this fun daily planner that looked easy enough to make, so I sat down with my sister a few weekends ago to try it myself. It’s super simple to do and doesn’t require a lot of effort while still providing all the organization needed for daily chores and responsibilities. What you’ll need is:

~Paint brushes
~A ruler
~Push pins
~A pencil
The first step was to start painting the clothespins. I went for more pastel colors between my paints and the paper, and used a gold sharpie to write the days on each pin. I did the weekdays a different color and kept the weekend days the same on each end. I did about three coats of paint to get the full effect of the shades and definitely recommend using a pencil to write the words first. Unless you’re super perfect at writing, making the words even on those tiny pins is a challenge!
Then it was time to shape the paper. I was looking for a stencil at the craft store, but all the shapes seemed too dramatic and wouldn’t have allowed enough room to write all the daily activities. So I ended up cutting 9 rectangles out of one piece of cardstock paper that matched each colored clothespin. This will allow me 9 weeks of planning until I need to cut any more. I just left them in the rectangle shape and each week, I round the corners to make it a little more fun and cute.
I cut the twine to whatever size I wanted to hang on my wall, I didn’t have any exact measurements for it and just eyeballed what I thought might look good. It ended up being perfect and is just a little longer than the length of my desk, which makes it super easy to quickly look up and see what I need to do for the day. I hung it on the wall with the clear push pins and those have held up perfectly.
At the beginning of every week, I pull out new cuts of paper and write on each day’s card things that I already know need to be done. I look forward to planning it all out every single week and it’s been so much fun making and using it on a daily basis. It’s exactly what I needed and is easy to move things around if there’s a change of plans or something that I might need to quickly add to the list. It’s easy to see a quick layout of what I have to do for the week and has definitely helped reduce stress levels knowing that I don’t have to remember anything because it’s all written down right in front of me.
This is definitely one of my favorite DIY projects that I have ever done and I love using it every single day. I’ve learned that I complete more goals at the end of the week when I break them up between each day rather than piling it all on at once and this daily planner has definitely kept me from overloading myself. If you’re planning-obsessed like I am or don’t like crossing things out in a spiral planner, then I absolutely recommend making this for yourself. It’s been a lifesaver these past few weeks!

What’s your favorite way to plan out daily activities? Do you easily overload your to-do list? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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