September Favorites

Last month, I was kind of excited to see August go and move into September. But this month is different, I don’t want to be moving into October already! Yes, it’s exciting to think about the Fall decor and beauty trends that are coming up, but that also means I’m actually gonna have to start thinking about how Summer is leaving us for the year and I’m never ready for that. However, I am excited to bring you this post because I’ve been really enjoying a few special products recently and can’t wait to share them. Let’s get to it!
These Bose Soundtrue headphones are nothing new to me, I’ve had them for about a year and a half or so now. I even featured them in my 2015 favorites. I use them pretty often when I’m doing a tedious task like cleaning the floors or manicuring my nails, but I’ve been bringing them out more often this month. They fit completely over my ear, so it doesn’t bother my earrings if I’m wearing any and it doesn’t hurt to have on my head after a certain amount of time. Headphones like these are hard for me to come by and I’ll be holding on to these for a long time!
When it comes to my daily routine, I don’t like to get dressed up or look all fancy. I don’t spend a lot of time piecing my outfits together. By the time I finish my makeup, I’m looking for something quick and easy to throw on that’s going to be super comfortable. Recently, I picked up these two shirts from Target and I cannot stop wearing them! I love v-necks and the cut of these keeps everything covered up so I have nothing to worry about. The material is some of the softest I have ever touched and I already know I’ll be going back for more. I want every color!!
I’m not exaggerating when I say I like easy outfits. Which is exactly why I’m including these sandal wedges from Lucky Brand. You will almost always find me in a pair of flip flops no matter where I’m going or what the occasion, but I got these sandals a few months ago and finally started forcing myself to wear them. Now, I’m pulling them out every chance I get! For never wearing heels, they’re incredibly easy to walk in and I love that the color matches with almost anything.
It’s been such rainy and cloudy weather lately that I’ve also been getting a lot of use of out my rain boots. I found these last year at TJMaxx. They’re by Nicole Miller and what I love about them is that they’re so much easier to walk in than other rain boots that I’ve tried on. Many of them are too heavy and make life more difficult, but these are perfect. As funny as it sounds, I’ve been keeping them in the back of my car because it always randomly starts raining when I’m out doing errands in my rubber flip flops.
Moving on to skincare, I’ve been trying the CeraVe Hydrating Cleansing Bar and I actually really like it. I’ve tried a liquid CeraVe facewash before and did not like it at all, and I wasn’t exactly sure how I’d like a bar soap for my face either. But it’s gentle on the skin, leaves me feeling fresh, and doesn’t break me out.

I always put lotion on my hands at night before bed. I’m not usually picky about what lotion it is, just as long as I have something moisturizing my hands. I’ve used Bath & Body Works lotions before and think they’re fine. I’ll typically only go maybe once a year to get a few of their travel size bottles and that seems to last me a pretty long time. But I’ve really been enjoying their Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint scent. I don’t know exactly how much stress it relieves, but it definitely is calming with how refreshing it is.
I received this Ofra Oil Control Pressed Powder in my June Boxycharm and wasn’t too impressed with it at first. I thought it left a little bit of a white cast on the skin. But recently, I’ve been dealing with even more oil than usual and it has come in handy. I like to use it with an Elf Powder brush and place it just in the center of my forehead, on my cheek area around my mouth, and on my chin. It absorbs the oil and even if it doesn’t absorb right away, it’ll just act as a slight highlight for a few minutes.
For eyebrows, I have a few different pencils that I’m going through but have been reaching for the It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil in Universal Taupe the most. The one I have is a travel size, but it has a ton of product in it. The spoolie on it is nice and I really like the shape of the pencil. It’s very easy to apply and looks natural, even with thin eyebrows.

I’ve also been using up this Chella Eyebrow Gel that I received in a Boxycharm a long time ago. I realized I have other eyebrow gels sitting in my drawer to test out, so I need to use this one up. It is nice, though. The spoolie is a little bigger than what I would prefer, but it keeps everything in place and isn’t too wet of a formula.
I just posted a review and a tutorial on this Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette from The Balm Cosmetics, so I won’t stay here too long. But because it has so many different options, I’ve been using this palette the most throughout the past month and really do enjoy the quality of it. I can create a very natural look or use more of the colors for something a little dramatic. The quality is great and the fact that it’s completely matte makes it a million times better!
I’ve mentioned my love of the Revlon Lip Butters before and might have even included this Juicy Papaya shade in a favorites post already. I don’t switch between different lip products very often, so when I want something with just a tiny bit of color that isn’t on either the red or the pink scale Juicy Papaya is what I reach for. It’s so smooth on the lips and doesn’t feel anything like lipstick.

In my recent Battle of the Lip Stains post, I raved on and on about how the Elf Lip Stain was my favorite and the most long lasting. I even loved it so much that I had to pick up another shade. Now I have both Nude Nectar and Pink Petal. When I need something to last the entire day on my lips, I haven’t been reaching for anything else other than these two lip stains. They don’t leave any product behind, so they’re not very drying. If I feel like I need to, I’ll even add a clear lip balm over it during the day just for added moisturize and protection.
Even though it may not feel like I have a bunch of new favorites throughout the month, I always end up with plenty to share with you. I’m still in shock of how soft those Target shirts are and that I’m actually enjoying wearing wedges. And don’t forget to check back on Monday because I’ll be sharing my first official fashion post on my favorite outfits to pair them with ;)

What products have you been loving the most this month? Let me know in the comments! I always love hearing new product suggestions! ;)

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