How To Make Lipstick Last Longer

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year! I am so ready for 2017 and excited to see what it has to bring! Let’s start it out by learning a new makeup trick to keep our lips looking great through any situation. Lipstick is a beautiful thing, but we all know how totally not beautiful it can be when it starts to wear off during the day. Whether we’re talking about leaving residue on cups, straws, and food or when you turn into that crazy aunt leaving kissy marks on cheeks, it’s just not cute. Of course, the simple solution to that would be to just keep reapplying during the day, but who has time for that anymore? There’s a trick that’s been going around for years and it really works. It only takes a few extra seconds after initial application and it is guaranteed to keep your lipstick on all day!
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One thing I like to do before applying any lipstick is to put a base layer of lip balm on underneath. I’m pretty picky when it comes to the texture of lip products and lip balm always prevents my lips from getting dry, chapped, or sticky from whatever lip product I layer on top. You can use whatever chapstick you like, but my favorite is the EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. It smells amazing and is the perfect consistency for this use. In the example picture below, I’m wearing the Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Candy Apple. It’s one of my favorite red lipsticks and the quality is the absolute best!
Right after you apply whatever lip balm, lip liner, or lipstick you choose for the day, take a tissue paper and some loose powder. For the best results, I like to separate the tissue paper so it will let the powder through better. Using whatever loose powder you would like and a somewhat small brush (I’m using the Coty Airspun Translucent Powder with an Elf Cosmetics Blush Brush), pat a generous amount of powder directly on top of the tissue. This will set the lipstick in place so it will last all day, but the tissue prevents direct application to make things more smooth.
You can see the results in the after picture below. Now you are free to eat, drink, and talk to your heart’s content without worrying about lipstick fading or transferring onto anything else. This also gives a more matte appearance to the lipstick, not completely, but it is a lot less shiny than it was previously. If you’re really into the matte lip trend, this is a great way to do it for any lip color you like and without the harsh drying effects of actual matte lip products.
I hope you found this useful and would definitely love to hear about your experience if you decide to test it out for yourself. If you have tried it before or have any other lipstick tricks, let me know in the comments. I love learning and sharing new makeup hacks!

~Mani Monday~
I’ve been wanting to do a really light pink shade for a while now and I was just looking back at white nails a few days ago, which are one of my favorites. Although white does go with winter, I chose to wear one of my Sinful Colors polishes in Easy Going. It almost looks white, but it has just the slightest amount of light pink undertones to it. I think it’s such a bright and fresh color, perfect for the start of a new year!
Easy Going.JPG
What’s on your nails this week?


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