My 24th Birthday!

It’s my 24th birthday!! Well, technically my birthday is tomorrow but I like celebrating the entire week! Last year, I posted a similar blog the day after my birthday and thought it’d be a good tradition to do this year also. I like taking the time to look back at what has happened throughout the year, how much I have grown, what has changed in my life, and what I’m hoping for in the year to come. I haven’t had as many big changes to reflect back on as I did last year, but I have grown more and learned a lot!
This was the first year I actually decided to dye my hair! I started with teal and then moved to pink a few months later. The blue was a great place to start because it wasn’t as loud, but I have definitely been loving the pink. I also finally started posting tutorials on my blog. It was something I had envisioned ever since I started my blog, but was too nervous/scared/shy/confused where to start or how I would do it. Now they’re some of my most popular and most liked posts! I also got engaged this year! I had been wearing a promise ring he had given me 3 years ago and marriage was always something that we planned on. Everything is finally coming together and we are ready for that next chapter in our lives. Stay tuned for our full engagement story that I’ll be posting next week!
I started doing more gardening this year, which is something I’ve never really been into. I love looking at landscaping, but I am not an outdoors girl! The roses in the picture below were one of my favorites. They are still blooming, even during our cloudy winter days and I love looking at them out the window. I think the thing that has changed the most for me this year is continuing to be happy with myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved the person that I am and have never questioned that. What I mean is that I’ve learned how to stop basing so much of my happiness on other people’s thoughts and opinions. I’ve realized how much time and energy I have wasted in my life thinking about pleasing other people, worrying what they thought about me, and if I was making them happy. I’ve learned to not care about that anymore and just be myself. I understand now that it’s okay what people think and that I can’t control how they feel. I’m grateful if someone thinks positively of me and if I make them happy, but if they don’t then I am finally comfortable with that too.
Growing up isn’t always fun, sometimes it’s hard and lessons are tough. But every experience teaches you something and the only true mistake you can make is not learning from it. I am so happy with my life and where I am, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I know this next year is going to be one of the best ones of my life and I am so looking forward to it. Thank you for following along and I can’t wait to share my future experiences!

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