Garnier BB Cream Review

I seriously don’t even remember what we did before BB creams hit the market. It seems like it was forever ago and so many companies have now come out with their own version, some even have multiple options. I don’t always like to wear foundation every day, so BB cream is a great alternative and I’ve tried quite a few. One of my past favorites was the L’oreal BB cream. It was great for my oily skin and lightweight on hot summer days. I’ve always wondered about the Garnier BB cream and just recently decided to pick it up one day when I was in Ulta. I’ve been putting it to the test and just to go ahead and ruin the surprise, it’s my new favorite!
This product is actually found in the skincare section of the store since Garnier doesn’t have a spot in the makeup aisle. Because of that, you also get more product than you usually would in other foundations and BB creams. This comes with 2 fl. oz and retails for $12.99 at Ulta. Although you can use an Ulta coupon when purchasing this, it can also be found at Target and Walmart for a cheaper price. The packaging is pretty simple, which I like.

They do offer two different options: one for oily/combo skin and one for anti-aging. I’ll give you one guess which one I chose. I picked mine up in the Light/Medium shade and it matches me perfectly. It does have SPF 20, which I wasn’t super happy about. I find that products with SPF don’t always give the best finish, but I haven’t noticed any issues with this one.

It claims to control shine, minimize the look of pores, even skin tone, hydrate, and protect. I’m assuming that it protects because of the SPF ingredient. I understand that and I think this is the first product that I can actually agree with all five claims. It does control my shine without breaking up throughout the day, it does minimize the appearance of my pores, it provides great coverage to even out my skin tone, and it has a silky texture to it that helps to hydrate the skin without making me look greasy.
BB Cream Swatch.JPG
Although it doesn’t oxidize during the day, you can see in the picture above that it is two different colors when it just comes out of the bottle (on the right) versus when it’s blended out (on the left). After it settles into the skin, it doesn’t change colors anymore. However, I will say that because of its silky texture, it does take longer than other products to absorb and set into the skin. You might want to wait a few extra minutes before adding other products on top of it.

I cannot recommend this product enough and could kick myself for not having tried it before. It gives the perfect finish that looks like real skin, it has better coverage than any other BB cream that I’ve tried, it’s incredibly lightweight, and it lasts longer than some of my favorite foundations. I can’t get over how amazing it is! If you were wondering about this BB cream, I definitely suggest picking it up next time you’re in the store.

If you have any other questions about this product, please leave them for me in the comments section below. Have you tried this one before? Let me know how it worked for you and what your favorite BB cream is!

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