What's In My Makeup Bag?

I’m such a nosey person, I’m not even gonna try to hide that. I always have to know everything! I’ve been that way my entire life. When I was a kid, I never wanted to go to sleep at bedtime if someone was over or even if I knew my parents were still awake watching tv. I had to hear and see everything that was going on. That has totally carried into my adult life and I’m curious about everything. Is anyone else like that? Of course you are! That’s why you’re reading this post! Well let me just go ahead and tell you that for being the makeup addict that I am, the items inside my makeup bag are pretty minimal and not very interesting...
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I’m not really big into lip products (shocker!) and I don’t typically like to spend much time reapplying them during the day. I especially don’t want to have to take out a mirror and make it a big event. That’s why I loveee the Maybelline Baby Lips. They give the perfect amount of tint to your lips without being too much, you don’t need a mirror to apply them, and they’re super moisturizing and lightweight. My favorite two shades that I always keep with me are Cherry Me and Grape Vine. Cherry Me is my absolute favorite, but only because the scent on Grape Vine can sometimes be a little much.
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Because I’m so incredibly oily, I cannot go without having some type of blotting paper. And if I don’t have them for some reason, I am definitely known to use whatever else is around whether it be a tissue or the back of a receipt, it doesn’t matter. My favorite blotting papers are the ones from Elf, but that is a little excessive on the packaging and can take up more space. That is the last thing I need! So, instead, I carry Palladio’s blotting papers. These have powder on one side, which is especially helpful and the packaging is much smaller.
That’s pretty much it as far as makeup items go, but I do carry a few other necessary accessories such as bobby pins and a hair tie. I used to keep hair ties around my wrist all the time when I was younger, but I think I’ve grown out of that habit and just keep them in this little bag instead. That’s fine and all, except for when I use it and forget to replace it for another time. I also keep this mirror that I’ve had for ages. It’s one that has the magnifying mirror in it too, but that side barely ever gets used. Does anyone else get a headache from that??

I’ve also finally learned to start carrying a glasses cloth with me. I switch between wearing glasses and contacts all the time, but there’s nothing worse than getting a huge smudge on your glasses when you’re out and not having anything proper to clean it with. I’ll also use it for my sunglasses. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself for carrying this with me now because it comes in very handy. If you wear glasses, you know exactly what I mean!
I told you my makeup bag was pretty simple! The main reason for that is when I’m out, I don’t like spending much time touching up my makeup so I decide to keep only the bare necessities with me. Not to mention that my purse probably already weighs about 50 pounds, so the last thing I need is to carry the entire beauty aisle with me. If I know it’ll be an extremely long day, then I will pack different lip products and a mascara. But I make sure to take them out that night, otherwise my shoulder will regret it.

Do you carry a lot of products in your makeup bag or do you stick to the basics like me? Leave me a comment below letting me know what product you can’t leave home without!

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