February Boxycharm Unboxing

Y’all. My Boxycharm actually showed up last week. Right on time for Valentine’s Day. I almost couldn’t believe it!! And talk about timing, the theme written on the front of the reference card says “Would You Be My Galentine?” So cute!! I love it when my box shows up on time not only because I’m anxious to get my new products, but also because then I don’t have to try as hard to not spoil the surprise when I’m scrolling down social media. Seriously, the struggle! I’m sure you know the drill by now. Let’s quickly review last month’s products first and then we’ll get into what is in February’s box.

~Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo~ I don’t typically use dry shampoo very often, but when I do I like to use it for its volumizing effects. That’s what I was looking for in this product the few times I tried it and I did notice a little bit. It wasn’t anything too crazy, of course, but it did provide a little something. More than what I was working with before. And I definitely liked how it didn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel dirty.

~Adesse Matte Top Coat~ No. No, no, no, no, no. Absolutely not. This was the worst top coat I have ever used. Since I’m not a very big fan of matte nail polish to begin with, I decided to try it on my toes so if I didn’t like it then it wouldn’t be as noticeable to me. This seriously left huge white streaks on the first nail I painted and although it didn’t happen on the other toes, it still didn’t make those very matte. It just looked like they were dirty with oil or something. Huge pass on this one. Stay tuned for pictures in a fail post that will be going up next week.

~Crown Brush Deluxe Highlight Fan Brush~ I liked this brush. Crown brush never disappoints with the quality, especially when we’re talking about how soft the bristles are. I did use this for highlight and it picked up the product nicely. It would also be great for lightly sweeping away fallout from under the eyes. I thought the size was perfect and there was just the right amount of density in the bristles.

~Pür Cosmetics Cheek Stain Duo (Peach Bellini)~ I wasn’t really a fan of this one. I didn’t think I was going to be since I don’t usually like cream cheek products. I liked blending it with my fingers more than I did with the brush that is provided with it, but I still didn’t find it very easy to blend. It does have a pleasant scent to it, though.

~Vintage Cosmetics Highlighter Duo~ This is a nice product and I think I would’ve liked it if the shade options were different. But I did not like the two color choices in this palette. I already have a pink undertone to my incredibly oily skin, so pink highlighters are my worst nightmare and the chocolate brown shade was just too dark. The formula was nice, but the colors just weren’t for me.

Last month was just okay. It wasn’t my favorite by any means as far as the products that I received. I enjoyed having the opportunity to add these to my collection and try them out, but most of them aren’t items I’ll be reaching for. This month, however, is completely different. I am so excited about every single item!
The first item in the box is the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator. This is full size with 2 oz of product and retails for $79. This is one seriously expensive exfoliator!! It says it is for all skin types and claims to renew skin’s radiance, polish, smooth, and help diminish the appearance of fine lines. I’m expecting it to be pretty great not only for the price, but also because it is recommended to only be used once or twice per week. I’m definitely interested! You can use the code BOXY25 until March 1st to get 25% off of your order on the Dr. Brandt website.
Next up is a brush set from Royal & Langnickel called the Omnia Eye Kit, which is sold for $30. It includes a bigger gold shader brush, BOM-40, and a smaller detail brush, BOM-18. The bristles on these are super soft and I really love that they allow more movement like a blending brush instead of something like a flat eyeshadow brush. They feel very high-quality and I know these are two brushes that I will definitely get a lot of use out of in my daily routine.
I got a Z Palette!! I’ve never had an actual Z Palette before. I’ve made something similar on my own and have also received an Ofra palette that is basically the same thing as a Z Palette in my July Boxycharm, but never the real thing before. They cost too much ($14 / small) for me to want to spend money on that instead of more makeup, so I’m super excited that Boxycharm included this in the box. It can hold nine normal size eyeshadow pans and I think the little Boxycharm design on the front is so cute.

However...I didn’t see issues with this company until I was scrolling around on social media this weekend. I read some very disrespectful comments they posted towards customers and my opinion has changed completely. Their comments were totally unacceptable and this is no longer a brand that I will support.
Z Palette.JPG
Yayyy!! Makeup Geek! I love when Makeup Geek products are included in these boxes. I have not tried one item from them that I haven’t liked. I don’t think it’s possible! These two eyeshadows are Creme Brulee, a matte warm medium brown (one of their most popular) and Cinderella, a pale shimmery pink. These retail for $6 each and I already know I’m gonna love them. I also think they did a nice job pairing these two together.
Makeup Geek.JPGEyeshadow Swatch.JPG
The last item in the box is a lipstick by the brand Real Her. I think I’ve heard of this brand before, but I’m not completely sure. The shade that I received is Sorry, Not Sorry ($18). That is so cute! It is a moisturizing lipstick that is free of parabens, petro chemical, and synthetic fragrances. It is cruelty free, made with natural ingredients, and infused with shea butter, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. This shade is a lighter pink with a creamy satin finish. I finally got a lip color in a beauty subscription box that is actually wearable!
Lipstick.JPGLipstick Swatch.JPG
I can’t even pick a product out of this month’s box that is my favorite. I’m so excited about all of them! The total value for this box is more than it’s been for a while. These six items total up to $153!! Keep in mind, you only pay $21 for the box. That is seriously mind-blowing, I have no idea how they do it but I am very grateful. I can’t recommend this subscription box enough. If you’d like to find out more or sign up for yourself, you can visit their website here. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

~Mani Monday~
I couldn’t wait any longer, I’m sorry. I know Spring is right around the corner and all, but I had to break out the white nail polish. I had been thinking about it for weeks now and finally decided that’s what I wanted to wear. This specific shade is called Snow Me White by Sinful Colors, of course. I love this shade because it’s great to use with other colors for accent nail art, but it’s also perfect just on it’s own like I chose to do this time. Because of my complete fail with the Adesse top coat, I also had to repaint my toes and this shade is now on those too.
Snow Me White.JPG
What’s on your nails this week?


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