Pür Cosmetics Glitz & Glam Palettes Review

As I mentioned in Monday’s Favorites post, these Pür Cosmetics palettes were the only thing I purchased this Black Friday! I had searched and searched for some good deals, but didn’t really find anything except for these until the days that followed after Black Friday. I thought that was so strange! But anyway, I’m always checking Hautelook’s website to see what good deals they have going on and when I saw that they had both of these palettes for $18, I knew I had to have it. I’ve only tried a few things from this brand before, but none of their pressed face or eye products and I am so impressed!!
Glitz and Glam.jpg
When purchased together, this set is called their Glitz and Glam Eye and Cheek Books Set. What originally drew me to these were the shades in the eyeshadow set and the ingredients in the cheek set. I’ve been pretty vocal about not wanting talc in my face products because that is a huge culprit in making my skin breakout. I also liked the packaging on these and that they could be their own little travel set without having to bring many other things. Although the packaging is a little bulky and I think that’s something they could have improved on, I do appreciate the nice size mirror that is included and that they didn’t waste space providing cheap applicators.
Taking a look at the face powders first, this is called the Midday Mirage Cheek Palette. It includes two blushes, a highlighter, and three bronzers. The shades listed from top to bottom are: Divine, Enchant, Fantasy, Trance, Wish, and Imagine. The finishes vary among all of the shades, but there’s nothing too extreme. Most of them are all very pigmented with a smooth texture.
Midday Mirage.JPG
Divine is a matte peach blush, whereas Enchant is a brighter pink that has a little bit of glitter in it. Thankfully, the glitter isn’t very noticeable on the cheeks and I actually like layering both of these together to get the perfect pinky peach blush. The highlighter, Fantasy, is the only shade in here that I really do not like. The pigmentation barely shows up, as you can see in the swatch picture below, and the glitter in it is very rough causing a lot of fallout. I would just skip over that one completely and use something else.

Trance is the bronzer that I use most often because it’s a medium matte shade that can be easily built up if I need it to. Wish is a little lighter with the tiniest amount of glitter in it and also works wonderful as a warm blush. Imagine is a little too dark for me, so I barely get any use out of it but it’s still a nice shade with good quality. One thing to note about these powders is that none of them have a shimmer finish, they’re all either matte or have a few hints of glitter.
Cheek palette.JPGMidday Mirage Swatch.JPG
Moving on to the eyeshadows, this one is called the Day Dream Day Look Eyeshadow Palette. Most of the shades in here have a light pink/mauve base except for the bottom two which are more brown. The shades in this from top to bottom are: Allure, Hope, Whisper, Charm, Desire, Wonder, Reflection, and Reverie. The majority of them are matte with one shimmery satin and three glitters.
Day Dream.JPG
Every single shade in this palette is incredibly smooth and swatches like butter, which is one of my favorite things about it besides the matte options. Allure is the pinkest shade and the one with the most shimmer, although it is still more of a satin finish. Hope and Charm are the two brighter highlight shades. Hope is more of a buttercream, where Charm has a slight lilac undertone. Both of them are very pigmented, though, which is pretty rare to find in such light matte shades. Whisper is one of my favorites in the palette because it is the perfect shade for creating the slightest definition in the crease.

Desire and Wonder look very much alike, but Desire is just a little darker with a matte finish and Wonder is a tiny bit lighter with the slightest amount of glitter in it. Reflection and Reverie are the only two brown shades in here and I appreciate that they included them to have something to ground the colors. Reflection is a few shades lighter than Reverie, although neither of them could double as an eyeliner.
Eye palette.JPGDay Dream Swatch.JPG
Overall, I am so super impressed with the quality in these two palettes. The highlighter in the cheek palette is the only real disappointment, but that doesn’t really affect my daily makeup routine. I cannot believe how pigmented all of these are, which makes them incredibly easy to work with. Wearing a primer underneath, the eyeshadow lasted an entire 6-7 hours before starting to wear down. Although Hope and Charm did fade faster than the others. After trying these two palettes, I am definitely more interested in this brand and can’t wait to try more. Check back on Friday for an easy eyeshadow tutorial featuring this palette!

If you have any other questions about either of these palettes, please leave them for me in the comment section below. Also, I’d love to hear what some of your favorite Pür Cosmetics products are!


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