Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome Review

Maybelline Color Tattoos have never really impressed me very much in the past. In my full review, I mentioned that the formula was much too dry and difficult to work with. Not to mention that it wasn’t the best long-wearing product on my extremely oily eyelids. I pretty much stay away from them unless I know I’ll only have my makeup on for a few hours. But when Maybelline released their Eye Chromes, I was a little more interested. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was and wanted to give it a try.
This product is a liquid eyeshadow that will saturate your eyes with a metallic finish and claims to last an entire 24 hours. It comes with .11 oz of product and retails for around $8 at most drugstores. There are ten different shades in this line, but I only own two. The packaging is nice and sleek. I like that it’s very plain and doesn’t have too much going on. It looks just like a lipstick and even has a doe-foot applicator on the inside.

The first shade that I got is Beige Luster, which is the second lightest shade that they offer. It’s a beautiful bronzey gold that’s not too light, but also not too dark. It can be combined with many different shade options over top of it without showing through. These were intended to be used on their own, but I picked them up to use as a base to really intensify the bright shimmery colors I like to put on the inner half of my lid.
Beige Luster.JPG
Because I was so impressed with the Beige Luster, I also went back and picked up Gilded Rose. I don’t typically wear very many dark eyeshadows, so I stuck with the two lightest shades in the line. My main concern with this was that it would be too pink, but after blending it out it’s not that noticeable. You can easily layer other shades on top without it being too dramatically pink. It’s just a nice light shimmer to brighten up the eyes.
Gilded Rose.JPG
The formula on these is very interesting, it’s almost like a whipped consistency. They’re super lightweight and dry pretty quickly. They also dry down to an almost powder-like texture, which I thought was very interesting. I’ve never worn these on their own and I definitely haven’t put the 24 hour claim to the test, so I can’t say anything about those two aspects of this product. However, I am incredibly impressed with how long they last when I put an eyeshadow on top of it. It really does stay in place all day. It doesn’t crease and it helps prevent my eyeshadow from fading. I’ve gone an entire eight hours and had my eyeshadow look almost just as good as when I had initially applied it.

This is definitely one I would recommend and even when you swatch it on your hand, you’ll see how long-lasting it is when you try to wash it off. It doesn’t go anywhere! And although it is very long-wearing on the eyes, I haven’t had any problem removing it. I was worried I’d have to scrub too hard on my eyelids, but it actually comes off nicely with some coconut oil - my favorite eye makeup remover ever!

If you have any other questions about this product, please leave them for me in the comments section below. Have you tried these Eye Chromes before? Let me know how they worked for you!

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