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Summer keeps getting closer and closer, so what better tag to do this month than talk about all of my favorite Summertime things?! I couldn’t find an “official” Summer tag, but I did find a Summer version of the this or that tag and combined some of those with a few other random questions that I also found somewhere in my Google searches. There’s a few beauty related topics, but most of them focus around all things involving Summer and having fun in the sun. Let’s get started!
1.) Beach or pool?
I grew up around both and think they both have their own benefits. The beach sand drives me crazy sometimes when it gets all over everything (a neat freak’s nightmare), but I also feel like the sun’s hotter and gives me a better tan than when I’m laying over concrete by a pool. The saltwater in the beach makes your skin nice and tight, and combined with the sand can give you a great exfoliation. But sometimes it’s nice having clean water without having to worry about fish, seaweed, jellyfish, crabs, or anything else that might brush against my leg. So I can’t choose, I like both of them depending on how I feel.

2.) Beach vacation or wilderness?
This one I’ll choose the beach, definitely! I cannot stand being in the woods, mountains, or anything of that sort. No, no, no, absolutely not!

3.) Watermelon or strawberries?
Watermelon is delicious, but I’ll have to go with strawberries because I buy those more often and can use them in more ways than I can with watermelon.

4.) Bikini or one piece?
Bikini, all the way. I can’t even remember how old I was the last time I ever wore a one piece and as weird as it may sound, I can no longer stand the feeling of that fabric on my stomach. Not to mention that I want as much of my body tanned as possible, while still covering up what’s necessary of course.

5.) Lemonade or iced tea?
Iced tea, as long as it’s sweet. If it’s not sweet, then throw both of them in the trash! I like sour things, but I’ve never been a fan of lemonade. And unsweet tea is just a sin!
6.) Do you prefer hot dogs over a fire or grilled?
I prefer my hot dogs not in my house. Along with lemonade, hot dogs are something I’ve never liked at all. I’m not sure if it’s the texture or the taste or what it is, but I just don’t like them. Give me a burger or bbq chicken instead.

7.) Hat or sunglasses?
If you’d ask me any other time, I’d probably say sunglasses. But if you read my recent Summer Essentials post, then you’d know that now I have to have both. I’ve realized that I still squint my eyes from the sun coming in over my sunglasses and it’s still a little bright wearing just a hat, so I need both.

8.) Windows down or air conditioning?
If I’ve already been outside and my hair’s a mess and I smell gross, then windows down is fine. Otherwise I’m pretty high maintenance and have to have my air conditioning.

9.) Tanning lotion or sunscreen?
Sunscreen first and then some kind of tanning lotion or oil on top. Most of the time I just wear sunscreen, unless I’m specifically laying out to get a tan. Check out last year’s post about my favorite sun care products. I still love and use them all!
Sun products.jpg
10.) Baseball game or concert?
I’m not really into either. You probably couldn’t pay me to go to a baseball game, I think it’s boring and have no idea how it all works. Concerts are okay, but I’m picky with music and don’t wanna be getting all sweaty in a huge group of people. Now if the concert was inside, that’s a different story because there’d be air conditioning...and maybe chairs.

11.) Ice cream or popsicle?
Ice cream because I think you can do more things with it. With a popsicle, that’s all you have and there’s not as many flavors. With ice cream, you can put it in a cone, you can make a milkshake, you can make a sundae, whatever you can think of.

12.) Fireworks or fireflies?
I hate bugs and fireflies are absolutely no exception to that, so fireworks for sure. I don’t think they’re as magical as I used to when I was a kid, but they’re still pretty fun to watch.

13.) Flip flops or bare feet?
Flip flops! I don’t like feet and I pay a lot of attention to manicure mine to keep them as clean and as soft as possible. Aside from not wanting to go barefoot because of germs, mine would probably get all torn up from the skin being so soft and tender.
Flip flops.JPG
14.) Water balloons or squirt guns?
Squirt guns. There are a few that can hurt when you get hit with them, but my skin got pinched one time by a water balloon and now I always run when I see them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still fun but I’d need a body shield first.

15.) What is your dream summer vacation?
Where I’m going on my honeymoon! I cannot wait to go to the Sandals Grande Antigua Resort. It’s like a cruise in that’s it’s all inclusive, but it’s on land so I won’t get motion sick.  

16.) What is your favorite summer drink?
I like a few, but I think I’d have to keep it classic and just say a piña colada. That’s something that I think you can get almost anywhere and it’s going to taste the same. Delicious!
17.) What is your most fun summer memory?
Being a kid without any responsibilities. Back when we got out of school for Summer and I could either lay in bed and watch tv all day or swim until my fingers turned into prunes. Those were great days.

18.) What is your favorite summer nail polish?
I don’t think I have one nail polish that is my absolute favorite, but my favorite shades for summer are either pink or white. I love almost all the pastels and bright colors, anything that will make me look more tan!

19.) What is your favorite summer scent?
I really like Bath & Body Works Golden Pineapple Luau. I got it in the travel size lotion last year and every time I want to smell like I’m on vacation, that’s what I reach for.  

20.) What is your favorite BBQ food?
Chicken. I could eat BBQ chicken once a week and not get tired of it. Especially with some hawaiian sweet rolls, baked beans, and corn. Mmmm!

Okay, I am officially in the Summer mindset now. If you need me, I’ll be somewhere in the sun! Summer’s my favorite because it brings back the best memories for me. I don’t mind the heat as much because that’s the only not pleasant thing about Summer. It just puts me in a happy, more relaxed mood for a few months and I love it.

If you do this tag yourself, please tag me on social media so I can see your answers too! Leave me a comment below letting me know some of your favorite things about Summer!


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