Setting the Wedding: Part 4

Y’all. We are only 4 months and a few days away from our wedding. Where in the world has time gone?! I feel like I was just all relaxed thinking we had plenty of time to do everything and then all of a sudden, we’re about to hit the four month mark. Like, how?? And what’s worse is that I feel like we got almost nothing done last month. The things we’re supposed to be working on have been taking forever and it’s really putting us behind. It’s time to kick it into high gear and catch up!
One of the few things that we did get done last month was finally get our passport applications mailed out. It seriously took us an entire month, plus three separate trips to the Clerk of Court office until we got it right. That is the most annoying process I think I have ever gone through. There was zero clear direction on what we were supposed to do.

Jacob’s little brother, who is his best man, got his suit for the wedding and we’ve just now started looking at suits for Jacob. He’s opted out of a tux and since my dress is ivory, he’ll be wearing a light beige suit. I went with him to try a few on and I had to hold back some serious tears in the store, I’m not even joking! Along with his suit, we’ve been shopping for my shoes, my mom’s dress, and my sister’s (maid of honor) dress.

The most exciting thing that we got done last month was get our engagement photos taken. We found the perfect photographer in Northwest Florida and met him at one of the most popular photo locations I think there is in this area. Tim Sewell with Phocus Photography did an absolutely stunning job, I was literally speechless when he gave us the first preview. Me speechless almost never happens! He surprised us with all the edited photos just a few days later, which was much earlier than we were expecting, and needless to say I am completely speechless...again. I can’t think of the perfect way to explain how happy I am with these photos. My heart feels so full every time I look at them.
Engagement.jpgEngagement 2.jpgEngagement 3.jpg
Some of the things I didn’t get done last month that I needed to were to look at and book a florist, find a hairstylist, book a caterer, and create our registry. I’ve at least figured out that I’ll just be needing a florist for my bouquet and maybe some ceremony flowers, and that I’ll be keeping a simple white theme. We’ve looked at a few caterers and are leaning towards one at the moment, but the deposit hasn’t been made. And although I said in last month’s wedding post that we’d prefer money or Home Depot gift cards, we’ve decided we probably still need to create at least a small registry if that’s what people really want to do. I thought that would be fun, but it’s so hard to think of things when you have everything.
Aside from the things we need to catch up on from last month, we also need to look at rings for Jacob. He’s never worn a ring in his life and he just recently tried a few on. I can already tell this is going to be a difficult process. Especially because he has very slender fingers, it’s hard to tell what he likes when the rings at the stores are four sizes too big! Thankfully, the jewelers who made my ring also make matching wedding bands so that part will be easy.

We also need to look at creating and ordering wedding invitations and maps to go along with them. I’ve pinned a few different designs on Pinterest, but am horrible at making up my mind so as little as Jacob could probably care about whether we go with glitter or flowers, he’s gonna have to help me decide. He’s actually been really good through this whole process, his main focus this entire time has been making sure that I’m happy. That just melts my heart ♥

~Mani Monday~
This color definitely does not fit this blog post, when thinking about the name, but this forest-like green just jumped out at me when I was looking through my collection. I’m wearing Man Hunt by Sinful Colors, which is one of the polishes from their gel collection. Those are $1 more than the regular line and although they have separate claims that I don’t agree with, I do think they’re still good polishes at an affordable price.
Man Hunt.JPG
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