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EMMA Beauty has released their South Beach Collection for the Summer and I am so excited about it! I love loud and fun colors in the Summer months, so this collection seems perfect for me. Looking at it, there are a lot of bright colors. Most of them seem to have a cream finish, but there are also a few shimmers. I have all twelve shades to share swatches of, so let’s get to it!

This South Beach Collection is based around all things related to Miami. I’ve never been to Miami before, but living in Florida almost my whole life I’ve heard a lot about it. This first set was released in June. There are a lot of neon and bold shades, including four cream finishes and two shimmers.
The first color in this set is called Lemon Drop Lollipop. This is the one that first caught my attention. Finding yellow nail polishes can sometimes be difficult because they’re not always as flattering on the skin as they may look in the bottle. This one is perfect! It wasn’t as streaky during application as some of the past neon-pastels I’ve tried from this brand, but I still had to work in thick layers to make it completely opaque.
The next color in this set is called Sour Apple Passion. It’s a neon green that had a very similar consistency to the yellow. It wasn’t as opaque as I’d like, but it wasn’t super streaky either. As far as green nail polishes go, I do really like this one. It doesn’t have any strange undertones, it’s just a nice neon green that’s true to its color.
Next is one of the two shimmer shades in this set and it’s called Slice of Heaven. It’s a pink with gold glitter. With a top coat, the glitter is undetectable to the touch which I really appreciate. I don’t like wearing glitter nail polishes that feel like sand every time I touch it. The color of this is actually a little lighter than I was expecting, but it’s still really pretty.
I have a little bit of a funny story with this Berry Cherry Bliss shade. When I first applied this to my nails, it made me think of some kind of jelly type toy that I would’ve had as a kid. I spent the entire day trying to think of what it reminded me of, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. With two coats, this magenta color did come together beautifully.
Now onto the two blue shades in this collection. This one is called Ocean Breeze Please. It has a cream finish and its opacity is one of the best in this set. It’s very flattering and would look beautiful with any skin tone. It’s one of those bright colors that just lifts your mood every time you look at it.
The last polish in this set is called Fountain Blue. It’s a slightly deeper blue with blue glitter throughout. If you want to play around with blue nail polish, but aren’t sure about something as bright as Ocean Breeze Please then this would be a great option. I also think the shimmer shades last slightly longer on the nails than those with a cream finish.
With as fun as all the shades are in the June set, I was even more excited about they July polishes! This set has all the classic feminine shades like pinks, reds, and purples. I was also really excited that every shade in this set has a cream finish. Cream nail polishes are like matte eyeshadows, I can’t get enough!
The first color in the July set is called LIV It Up. It’s a beautiful pastel pink shade and was one of my favorites the second I saw this collection. I was a little worried about how the formula would be with such a light pastel shade, but they actually did a really good job. It was completely opaque after two coats. This is one I know I’ll wear all the time!
The second polish in this set is called Cocos & Joe’s. Maybe I’m just out of the loop, but the name on this one has me so confused. The actual color is super fun, though. It’s a very bright pink and kind of reminds me of the color I painted my bedroom walls when I was younger. The formula on this is great and could probably even be complete in just one coat.
This next shade is called Miami Vice is Paradise and is one of the most unique shades I’ve seen in awhile. It’s a light purple with some blue undertones, unlike anything else I have in my collection. This also reminds me of some kind of jelly consistency, like the Berry Cherry Bliss shade in the June set.
Reds are a color that the Emma Beauty brand has always done very well and this one called SoBe It! is no exception. It might pull a little warm in certain lighting, but it’s still incredibly flattering on all skin tones. This is one of the most opaque colors in the entire collection and could easily be completed in one coat.
This polish called A List I Insist threw me for a major loop. At first, I thought it was going to be another red with a slight hint of pink. But when I swatched it, it’s actually a really bright pink that’s almost borderline magenta. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that it’s not the color I originally thought although I do still think this would look great on the toes.
The last shade in this collection is a deeper purple called Have a Ball at Lincoln Road Mall. I actually appreciate that they decided to include at least one slightly darker shade in the collection for some variety. This is such a fun color that’s unlike anything else I have. It’s very opaque and can sometimes have the slightest hint of a red undertone, which is what makes it so unique and fun.
When I received this collection, I also got a few new top coats and another cuticle oil. I’ve tried their Drench cuticle oil before in the Very Berry scent, but I prefer this Coco Mango much more. Their Quickie Top Coat was really interesting to me. It had a very thick consistency, which almost made it seem old, and is probably why it took so much longer to dry. Their Rock Hard Top Coat is still my favorite because it’s thin, it keeps the nails shiny, and dries pretty quickly.
I also got to try their Nonfat Matte Top Coat. I had only ever tried one matte top coat in the past and it was no good. Honestly, it’s a trend I never really liked very much so I decided to apply it on top of a more nude shade. The color I chose is OPI’s Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. and surprisingly, I don’t think it’s all that bad. It did take some time to grow on me, but I really appreciated how fast it dried and the matte effect happened almost immediately. It’s much less forgiving than a shiny top coat, though, so I wouldn’t say it’s my new favorite by any means.
Overall, I think Emma Beauty did an amazing job with this South Beach collection. I’m loving all the bright colors and I so appreciate the cream finishes. I’m also happy to see a better, more opaque formula on their lighter shades that have given me some trouble in the past. It’s such a good feeling to see a brand improve so much!

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