Beauty Product Fails #12

It’s been a really long time since I’ve added a new post to my Beauty Product Fails series. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve recently tested a few new products and a lot of them were no good. Most of them are borderline high-end products, which makes it even more of a disappointment. With the beauty market as saturated as it currently is, there’s no room for products that are anything short of perfection.
I try to stay pretty healthy and take good care of my body. Natural deodorants are something I have tried so many different versions of. None of them have ever worked, even after giving my body time to go through the whole detoxing phase. However, I’d still love to find a good one and I thought this one from Lavanila was going to be it.

I’ve seen so many good reviews on this deodorant for years and I thought that if any natural deodorant was going to work, it’d be this one that everyone loves. I got the Pure Vanilla scent, which is something I didn’t end up enjoying at all. I thought it smelled powdery and old, and it lingered all day which would sometimes make me feel sick.

At first, I did think it was working. But apparently it only worked when my body was cold. Anytime my body temperature got warmer, this did absolutely nothing. I don’t usually sweat very easily, but anytime I had this on it actually made me sweat. It was so strange! I would’ve been better off not wearing any deodorant at all.
When a brand is based completely around brows, you’d think they’d make a pretty impressive product. Unfortunately, that was not the case with this Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil. This is only offered in one “universal” shade and while it wasn’t the right undertone for my skin, I was kinda able to get away with it. The formula was pretty smooth, but I definitely don’t think someone with blonde hair or a darker skin tone would be able to do much with this color.

Aside from the color, the actual packaging itself felt very cheap. Anytime the product moved, you could hear the pencil rattling around inside. It didn’t feel like it was put together very well and during application, I had a really difficult time with the pencil falling back down into the packaging. This was just a total fail and a perfect example of why I created this series!
This Getaway eyeshadow palette is the first product I’ve ever tried from Cargo Cosmetics and now I’m not really sure I want to try anything else from their brand. The colors look absolutely beautiful, until I started swatching them. While they blend easily on the eyes, there were multiple shades that looked nothing like they do in the pan. As shown in my recent tutorial, I ended up with a gray toned eye look rather than purples like I was expecting.
This Hank & Henry Slick With It mascara duo looks so cute with its simple white and metallic gunmetal packaging. The concept of two mascara wands seems like a good idea. The smaller wand really does come in handy on the lower lashes, or when trying to reach the thinner lashes on the inner corner of the eye. Though it did have somewhat of a dry formula, this mascara didn’t actually look too bad. It wasn’t the most impressive results I’ve ever seen but it definitely wasn’t horrible.

The problem came in when trying to remove it. I don’t normally have a difficult time removing my makeup, but this formula was almost impossible to get off of my eyes. Nothing was working and after trying several products, there was still some residue left behind that I wasn’t very happy about. It just isn’t worth it when there are much better mascaras available.
Another mascara fail is this Manna Kadar Bloom volumizing mascara. I was a little nervous about this one at first because of the sparse wand and the thick, fibrous formula it seems to have. But I’m a total lash junkie and was just too curious about its results. Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct. The wand made for a very uneven application and the formula was almost impossible to work with.

This was one of the very few mascaras that I was so unhappy with, it was a challenge to keep it on all day and not just wash it off immediately to apply something else. It didn’t flake off throughout the day and I didn’t have any trouble removing it, but it did almost nothing to my lashes and I really didn’t like the way they looked.
The beauty industry is absolutely booming right now, which means there is no reason to be wasting time on products that don’t perform the way they’re supposed to. Hopefully this post is helpful and can save you some money. There are much more affordable, high-quality products available instead. With an exception of the deodorant -- I’m still on the hunt for that!

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