Unexpected Makeup Finds #7

Judging is just part of being a human. Sometimes it happens before we even know it. First impressions are important, but sometimes it’s just as important to investigate further. That’s what I’ve done with these five products. Although I wasn’t expecting much at first, they ended up being staples in my collection that I now use all the time.
The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion has been one of their best sellers for years, so I did go into it expecting a lot from this product. I just had no idea how magical it was actually going to be. I wish I would’ve discovered this in my teens because it can seriously get rid of a blemish overnight! My skin has cleared up the older I’ve gotten, but I still make sure to always have one of these available at all times. Read more details about it in my full review here.
It might be hard to believe, but I’ve still never tried the original Beauty Blender. When it first came out, I thought it was way too expensive for a sponge and patiently waited for other brands to start releasing comparable, more affordable options. I loved the one from Real Techniques for years, but this green one from Ecotools is even better!

Not only is it super affordable (less than $5), it is the softest, most squishy sponge I have ever used. Once it’s dampened, it leaves the most flawless foundation application ever! I love all the different sides it has and the color is super cute. There’s so many other sponges on the market, but I don’t know that any of them can come close to all this one has to offer.
The claims on this Elf Camo Concealer were unlike any other when this first came onto the market. I actually didn’t like it at all when I first tried it. I ended up getting the wrong color and it looked absolutely awful. Once I got my correct shade, it was a completely different experience. This hides blemishes and dark circles like nothing else! It’s incredibly easy to blend and the staying power is amazing. Read more details in my full review here
This Mixed Metals Peach eyeshadow palette from Profusion Cosmetics was one of the first products I tried after my initial review of the brand. The first few things that I tried from them were absolutely awful. So awful that I was hesitant to try anything else. Thankfully, they made a complete 180 and totally blew me away with the quality of this palette. Since then, I’ve been really impressed with many of their products!

Every shade in this palette is stunning. The formula is easy to blend, it’s nicely pigmented, the packaging is sturdy, the mirror is huge, the price is perfect. There’s nothing to complain about! I’m so happy they made the changes they did because palettes like this can compete with high-end products, but for a fraction of the cost.
Lip products are usually my favorite thing and that’s probably because I’m so picky about them. I’m picky about colors, formula, price, packaging. I’m picky about it all! So when I come across a lip product I really like, it’s rare and exciting. I found this Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in the shade Love Pop in my collection and immediately fell in love with the formula. It’s so smooth and comfortable on the lips, while also providing a ton of color.
I’m so glad I pushed my initial judgements to the side and gave these products a chance because they have all become some of my favorites. I can’t ever be without the drying lotion, sponge, or Camo Concealer ever again. I’d really like to look into more shades of this lipstick, I’m so amazed at how comfortable it is!

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