Billie Razor Review

It’s not very often that I ever see a social media ad and get influenced to actually purchase a product. I tend to take my time making decisions and am usually always late to all the new trends. I’ve noticed the Billie brand mentioned a few times, but it was until recently that I became interested in it. This razor has gotten so much attention and after seeing it everywhere I turned, I finally caved.

When Billie first came on the market, I honestly didn’t think anything of it. To me, it was just a razor. How much different can it really be from what’s already available? The price was attractive, but aside from eliminating the “pink tax” I didn’t understand what makes this so incredibly special to merit all the attention it’s getting on social media.

This brand is not available in stores and can only be purchased on the Billie website. They offer a few other products, but I decided to go with the starter kit as a basic introduction to this new brand. The starter kit is only $9 (plus free shipping) and includes the razor handle, two blades, and a “magic” holder. My order also arrived with two foil samples of their shave cream and body lotion.

There are a few different colors of razors to choose from and I picked the blush shade. It’s a beautiful soft pastel pink with a matching holder. The razor itself has five blades that claim to be nickel-free and rust-free. The blades are surrounded with a charcoal shave soap, which I have found to be much easier to work with compared to the traditional aloe strip that is on most other razors.

Besides the charcoal shave soap, the ergonomic handle was one of the first things I noticed about this razor. It has a matte rubber back, which prevents slipping, but the angle of the handle is what makes all the difference. It seems to be safe enough for clumsy shavers because I’m notorious for accidental nicks around my knees and ankles, and I have yet to get any of those since using this razor. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the shave cream or the lotion very much. The shave cream has aloe in it and was very difficult to smooth over the legs. The lotion had a delicious grapefruit scent and although it didn’t leave behind any residue, it took an incredibly long time to blend and absorb into the skin because of its thick consistency.

The holder sticks to the shower wall via a small piece of putty and uses a strong magnet to keep the razor in place. I was a little skeptical about how well the putty would hold up, but I’ve had this in the shower for a few months now and have never had a problem with the razor or holder falling out of place.

Overall, I do really like this razor. The price is perfect and the quality is great. However, I wish they wouldn’t force a subscription. When you create an account and order a razor, a recurring refill blade shipment is automatically activated. I was charged and shipped another four blades ($9) without any notification.

You can skip shipments, but that’s only if you remember to log in and manually select that option. It’d be nice if they at least sent an email a few days prior to notify the customer of an upcoming shipment in case any changes need to be made. That’s definitely something to keep in mind before placing an order with this company.

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