Profusion Cosmetics Nudes Palette Review

As fun as colorful eyeshadows can be, there’s nothing more elegant than a classic neutral glam makeup look. There are a ton of different shades and finishes to choose from, but this Profusion Cosmetics Nudes Palette limits it to just ten. It has all the essentials packed together, which makes it super travel friendly and perfect for everyday!

Profusion Cosmetics products can be found in stores like Target and Walmart, as well as on the brand website. Their products are known for being very affordable and this particular palette retails for only $5! It comes with ten eyeshadows and is set in plastic packaging. I like that the lid is clear so the colors can easily be seen and I think the rose gold accents are beautiful. There is no mirror or applicator included, but there are shade names listed below each shadow which is very helpful.

The shades shown in the swatch picture below are: Exclusive, Icon, West Coast, Whiskey, Intrepid, Flurry, Clay, Tart, Indulge, and Cavalry. The top row is all shimmer finishes and the bottom row is all matte. Every shade in the palette is packed with pigment and has a buttery smooth texture. They blend effortlessly on the eyes and usually last around six to seven hours (with a primer) before any noticeable fading occurs.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this palette. Although there are a few shades that look pretty similar, such as Whiskey + Intrepid and Indulge + Cavalry, I think it offers a lot of variety. Pigmented light matte shades like Flurry and Clay are something a lot of brands have difficulty producing, but Profusion did it perfectly at an amazing price point. I also really appreciate that the darker matte shades are intense enough to double as eyeliner, as shown in my recent tutorial. This palette can create an entire eyelook all on its own and is definitely one that I would recommend!

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