Clinique High Impact vs Extreme Volume Mascara

Clinique is a fun brand to purchase from because most of the time they include a gift with purchase that includes samples of some of their other products. One that’s almost always in the gift bags is their High Impact mascara. Since it has become one of their classic best-selling products, they decided to build on that and give it a little bit of an upgrade in creating the High Impact Extreme Volume mascara. Being the lash junkie that I am, I couldn’t wait to compare them side by side!

Clinique products can usually be purchased in department stores, beauty retailers such as Ulta and Sephora, or on the brand website. The original High Impact mascara includes .28 oz of product and retails for $20. It is available in two shades: Black and Black/Brown. It claims to add volume and length to each lash creating a more lush, plush, and bold effect.

The upgraded High Impact Extreme Volume mascara includes the same amount of product (.28 oz), but costs a little bit more at $23. It is also available in two shades: Black and Extreme Black. The only real marketing difference between the two is the wand. It’s described as an “over-the-top” brush with a “larger-than-life” formula that will deliver “jaw-dropping” drama.

The difference between the wands is pretty significant. The wand on the original has softer traditional bristles and is both thinner and smaller in size. The Extreme Volume wand is much thicker and bigger with plastic bristles that vary in length. One side of the wand has shorter bristles to build the volume, while the other side has much longer bristles to separate and add length.

In the photos below, the original High Impact mascara is on the left and the High Impact Extreme Volume is on the right. The results compared side by side actually look pretty similar, which is surprising considering the bold difference in the wands. The formulas also have almost identical consistencies - somewhat thin, easy to work with, and decently pigmented.

Although these are decent mascaras, I don’t think either of them are very impressive for the price. The formulas don’t add much to the lashes other than a little bit of color and volume. They provide little to no length and can sometimes be difficult to detect if worn with darker eyeshadows. This is definitely not what I was expecting when comparing these two mascaras, there’s almost no difference at all!

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