My 28th Birthday!!

Today is my 28th birthday, y’all!! What a crazy last year it was! While there were a ton of major events in both my personal life and in the world, I don’t actually feel like I’ve grown a significant amount. And I definitely don’t feel any older, even though the big 3-0 keeps getting closer every day. Thank goodness I still have another two years before I have to start thinking about that!

Getting older is no joke! My husband and I used to joke around and laugh because when he turned 27 two years ago, his body was really feeling it. But when I turned 27 last year, that joke quickly became a reality. Everytime I turned around, I was pulling muscles and constantly getting knots in my neck and back. I stay pretty active with 30-50 minute Pilates sessions 5-6 times a week, but there’s no doubt the body definitely changes with age.

Other than the urge to stretch my muscles everyday, I definitely don’t really feel 28. I still feel like I’m in my early twenties, even though this year marks the tenth anniversary of my high school graduation. Here’s a throwback to that, just for giggles!

The past few years have been very challenging and even though 2020 was one of the most difficult for many people, it was also the year that things finally started falling into place in my personal life.

My husband and I moved from Florida to Texas, which is something I never would’ve expected. I was beginning to reach a breaking point right before we moved in April, so as sad as it was to leave our beautiful home it was definitely a change that needed to happen for a multitude of reasons. Nine months later, we’re still very confident we made the right decision.

As I look at my new planner, I find myself struggling to set goals for 2021 and my 28th year. I’ve never been one to stick to resolutions, I always just try to do (and live) my best.

One thing I have learned about myself over the years is that I don’t seem to handle stress very well. I’ve realized that if something bothers me, it tends to really bother me. It starts to take away my joy and is usually visible all over my face and smile. When that begins to happen, I’ve learned to take all necessary steps to get rid of it completely - no. matter. what.

I’m sure there will be plenty of challenges in this new year because that’s just life. But I want to make it a point to put an emphasis on the things in this world that make me happy. My marriage, my dogs, Pilates, getting outside, whatever feels good in my soul is what deserves my attention.

I want to keep a focus on myself, my health, and my well-being because there were definitely times in the past few years where those things were severely neglected. My 28th year needs to be a time for personal growth, mental stability, and healthy living! ♥

XO ♥ Christina ♥

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