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I saw that NYX recently released a new Butt “Naked” Underneath It All palette that’s retailing for $25 on their website. It seems like it’s going to be a permanent item in their collection to go alongside their other Butt “Naked” palettes. Even though this is really exciting and the colors are significantly different from the other two, I’m still unsure whether I’m going to purchase it or not. I pulled out another version of this palette that I do own and, honestly, it’s not my favorite. With the excitement of the new release, I thought it would be a perfect time to review the older palette so you can be more informed when shopping for new goodies.
NYX is one of my favorite drugstore brands because of the variety and amount of products in their line. However, quality can be very hit or miss on a lot of their items and the Butt “Naked” Turn the Other Cheek palette is a perfect example of that.

The packaging is fine, it may be a little bulky but they’re fitting a lot of product in there. I like that it has cheek colors in the bottom section instead of those lip glosses. You know which ones I’m talking about? The ones I don’t think anybody ever touches. I would have liked the blushes to be bigger than the highlighters though, for obvious reasons. The price point on this palette is great for the amount you get, plus it comes with a huge mirror and very generous sized eyeshadows that are a mixture of both matte and shimmer.  
While I love the colors of the eyeshadows, I realized you can only get a few looks out of all of the shades before they start to look similar. It’s not a product where there’s much variety for many different looks, which could be a downside if you were looking to take this palette while travelling. As with most brands, the matte and lighter shades aren’t as pigmented as the dark and shimmery ones. However, some of the shimmery shades are actually more like a glitter powder with little pigmentation and a lot of fallout. Here are swatches of each row so you can see:
The first row is probably the most promising looking aside from the first color which doesn’t even show up at all. All of the shadows on this row are nice and creamy, easily blendable, and evenly pigmented when applied.
The second row begins to look a little confusing as to the layout of the shadows in this palette. The first two shades are the same quality of the shades in the top row, but the middle shade is very pale, and the last two are that glittery powder texture I was referring to.
The last row is my least favorite. You can see that the black is a little patchy, the second shade barely shows up again, the middle shade would be beautiful if it had more pigmentation, the gold is pigmented but unflattering on my skin tone, and the last shade is literally just glitter.
Moving on to the bottom section of the palette, the blushes are consistent with the rest of NYX’s blushes...amazing!! You get two matte and two glittery shades. They all swatch out and apply beautifully. The highlighters have a little too much chunky glitter and not enough smooth shimmer for my liking. They have a lot of fallout during application, so be careful about that. The last shade is the one I get the most use out of, but I think they would all look pretty when matched with the right blush.

It’s a mix-up whether I would recommend this palette or not. Because it can be so neutral it would be useful for everyday looks that don’t require much thought or detail, but I think you’d definitely have to bring in other products for a complete look. The staying power is just okay, they fade away before they crease. It is possible to get a really beautiful look out of this palette, but you have to put some work into getting the lighter shades to be seen. If you do purchase it, try to get it on sale or use a coupon at Ulta because while it’s not a complete flop, there are better things out there.

~Mani Monday~
Here I am again with a Sinful Colors nail polish. You’ll see that a lot because they’re one of my top favorite brands. The shade I’m wearing is Starry Night. Although this totally doesn’t match my costume, I thought it was appropriate since Halloween is just 5 days away! I don’t usually wear completely black nail polish, so I really like that this has little glitters in it. It’s more subtle than adding a glitter polish on top, making it look too sparkly for Halloween. You will have to apply two coats with this one, and I can barely feel any of the glitter after applying a top coat.
I hope this post was informative for you, let me know your thoughts if you've tried this palette before and don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Have a beautiful day!


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