Talc No More

I mentioned in last week’s Acne Survival Kit post how awful talc has treated my skin. Mainly causing issues underneath the surface of my cheeks. For the longest time I had no idea what was causing it or how to get rid of it. I had looked online for reasons why my cheeks could be breaking out, but found nothing that would be an explanation for me. Then I started thinking about how everyone has been raving about the Makeup Geek blushes that launched a long while ago. I didn’t understand what the big deal was until I noticed part of the advertisement for the blushes was that they are formulated without talc. I decided to order two and see if I noticed a difference. I stuck strictly to those blushes once I got them, and after about a week and a half I started to notice the texture on my cheeks go away a little bit. It’s not a miracle worker, of course, but it did make a difference compared to my other blushes.

The two shades that I ordered were Spellbound (peachy pink) and Hanky Panky (bright pink). They’re a pretty decent price for what they are and how they perform. I bought the pans instead of the compacts because they’re cheaper, but they are difficult to store if you don’t have a Z-Palette. I don’t own a Z-Palette for many different reasons, but I am in the process of figuring out other options. When I figure something out, I'll let you know! Both of the blushes are super soft, highly pigmented, and have pretty good staying power with my oily skin. Spellbound is my favorite blush I think I have ever used! I literally can wear it with anything and it’s going to look stunning.
Of course once I figured out it was the talc in my makeup products causing all these issues for my cheeks, I started going through everything and came across one other line of blushes that is also made without talc. Those were my NYX HD blushes. The fact that they’re made without talc isn’t a big advertising strategy for them, but it should be! The two colors I have are Amber and Taupe. Amber is a close second favorite after Spellbound and I use Taupe every day to contour since I’m trying to stay away from my other bronzers with talc in them. These two don’t have the pigmentation or the staying power that Makeup Geek does, but they’re a good option for something that’s in a store at your fingertips.
I’ve heard and read complaints about both of the brands being powdery and messy when applying, but you have to keep in mind that they’re not your typical blush formula. They’re much softer, so you’re going to need to keep contact with your brush in the product when picking it up to apply it rather than just swirling the brush around. Otherwise, yes, you will have wasted tons of product and will have blush all over you and your desk. Besides that, I really don’t have any negatives for these products. I recommend both brands and will probably purchase more myself.

~Mani Monday~
Switching directions a little bit...I paint my nails at the beginning of every week, so I think it will be fun to do Mani Monday with a picture and a mini review of the nail polish I chose for that week. Today I picked Envy by Sinful Colors. This is my first time using this particular shade, but I am a huge fan of Sinful Colors line. They’re so affordable and have a much better quality product than some higher end brands. I think this green is so festive for this time of year transitioning into darker fall colors. Generally, I can go about five days before it starts chipping at the tips and can make it seven days without any major chipping. I would highly recommend this brand ($1.99 for .5 oz.). I usually buy mine at Target, Walmart, or Walgreens, so they’re very easy to find!
What's on your nails for the week?

Have you had any issues with talc?


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