BH Cosmetics Brush Set Review

Ordering things online can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. You have to worry about the price and timing of shipping, if it’s gonna be what you expected, and just hope that you don’t want to return it because that’s a whole different headache in itself. What’s also a headache is trying to find good quality, inexpensive brushes in a store. I’ve tried many and there are a couple out there, but I usually find myself looking at companies that only sell online to get more than just the standard brushes. I’ve bought a few sets online, but today I want to talk about the BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 10 Piece Brush Set. Right now it’s listed on their site for $19, but their prices are constantly changing. I think I bought this set for $15 about a year ago. They just released a part 2 to this set that is currently listed for $15 and, honestly, I’ll probably end up getting that one also.
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In this set, you get five larger brushes and five smaller brushes. They don’t have specific names on them other than the BH Cosmetics logo, but I don’t mind that because you can use any brush for whatever you find best works for you and your routine. I want to say the shipping was around $7 or so and I received it pretty quickly. They do offer free shipping for orders over $50 and since most of their products always have a huge sale, that might be an option if you are looking to really grow your collection.
It doesn’t come in the cutest packaging as you can see in the picture above, and it did take a good washing plus a couple of days for them to air out before the plastic smell went away. They are very soft brushes that feel nice on the skin and work well with many different products. I’ve only had a problem with two of them shedding extremely, but I think that’s partly because I washed them sometimes multiple times a week since I would use them daily to blend in my liquid products. You don't want to leave liquid products on a brush because that's just going to harvest bacteria. There’s not much I can do to fix a brush that starts to shed, so I had to retire those to the bottom drawer. The handles do feel very sturdy and I haven’t had a problem with any of them wobbling around like you hear complaints about with the expensive Sigma brushes, which are what these are most comparable to.
These two are probably my favorite out of the whole bunch. They are phenomenal for blending out any type of product. I mainly use the one on the left for blush and the angled one on the right for bronzing. The way the bristles are packed and how soft they are works perfectly for buffing and blending things out very easily. I’ve also used both of these when applying foundation and they did work well, but it wasn’t my favorite. They’re a little too loose to allow the foundation to give good coverage.
These were my two favorites for blending in foundation before they started shedding, of course. They’re both a flat top kabuki style and buffed product into the skin flawlessly. They worked well with applying BB cream also, but I usually prefer to use my fingers for that. I wish these would’ve lasted longer because I literally used them every day, even if I just needed it to buff out some concealer.
These two brushes are basically the same thing, other than the obvious size difference. When I got this set, I was most excited about the bigger one. It’s a different shaped brush than what you would most commonly see. Because of the shape and size, it’s best for using to blend out products around the eyes and nose. The smaller one is just okay, it’s not my favorite because it is so small and comes to such a fine point that you can't do much blending with it. However, I think it would be good for concealing a small blemish.
Both of these are almost mini versions of the two that shed on me. They’re the same shape and style, but are different because they allow for more wiggle room since they’re not as densely packed as the bigger ones. They work well for products around the face, but I like to use them more for the eyes and blending shadow into the crease or outer corner.
These last two are my favorite of the smaller brushes. The one on the left looks a lot like the first brush I talked about and the one on the right also looks similar, but is more thin when you turn it sideways. I love to use the round one for blending in concealer around my nose or in any small areas that have begun to crease before I set with powder, such as the forehead, around the mouth, or chin. The angled one is my absolute favorite for contouring the sides of the nose, it is the perfect shape and does a wonderful job blending so you don’t have to go in with anything else.

It seems that there are a lot of multiples in this brush set, even though there are slight differences. However, I don’t mind that and think it can actually be a bonus in case you haven’t gotten to clean one brush you wanted to use, you have a similar one ready to go. Although the two brushes began to shed earlier than I would have liked, I would still recommend this brush set because they are really nice and at a more than reasonable price for what you get.

Hopefully you found this informative, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful weekend!

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