NYX Dream Catcher Palette Review

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Now it’s Black Friday which means it’s time to clean up, go shopping, and get ready for Christmas! While I love buying presents for everyone, it’s difficult when all I can think about and want to buy is makeup. If you find yourself in the same situation and want to buy all the pretty makeup you see, I’m here today with a review to keep you from wasting your money. I know it may not seem like I’m a big fan of the brand based on my last review, but I really do love a lot of NYX products! I bought this palette a while ago because the colors are some of my favorites to wear and because I’m just obsessed with makeup. Duh!!
This is their Dream Catcher palette in Golden Horizons. It comes with 10 different eyeshadows and the top part slides out to reveal a mirror underneath along with a standard double-end sponge tip applicator. I actually appreciate the design of this palette a lot. The quality of the packaging doesn’t seem very sturdy, but I like being able to see all of the colors inside and the mirror stays clean since it’s hidden underneath.
NYX does have a huge color selection within their eyeshadow collection, but they’re also known for being very hit or miss in the quality of the shadows. This palette is no exception. Some of the shadows swatch out, apply, and blend beautifully while others may not have any pigmentation and don’t blend at all. There is a mixture of mattes and shimmers in the palette, and just as with their other palette that I reviewed, I was more impressed with the matte shades than the shimmers. The staying power on these shadows with a primer is around 4 hours before you'll start to see some fading, so they don't last very long. And because of that, it limits the amount of different looks you can get before they all start to look the same. Here’s a closer look at the shadows:
The picture below is the first row swatched on the back of my arm. As you can see, the two matte browns look beautiful and they felt like butter. Whereas the first glittery shade barely showed up at all and had a ton of fallout, as did the purple shade which you can see is also really patchy. The gold shade does swatch and blend just as well as the two browns do, but is an unflattering shade of gold (at least with my skintone).
The next picture is the swatch of the second row. I was impressed with how much pigmentation the matte white shade had even though it was very powdery. The second shade is so beautiful, but it had a lot of chunky glitter fallout. The matte brown is the same nice quality as the two in the top row. The pink was a lot like the white, but with much less pigmentation. The last shade looks almost black in the palette, but is actually more like a charcoal color. Although it was patchy when swatched, it was more blendable than some of the others.
Overall, I would say to pass on this palette. There are many more palettes from NYX and other drugstore brands that are better quality and will give you more variety in the looks you can achieve. The L'oreal La Palette Nude 2 that I reviewed is a great example of higher quality things that are currently available. I hope you found this helpful and if there’s any specific requests for a product review that you would like me to do, please let me know! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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