Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Review

Sculpting the face with makeup is something that has taken the beauty world by storm lately. It’s always been a thing, but up until recently it never seemed to be the main focus. First, everyone became obsessed with contouring. Contour powders, creams, pencils, brushes, you name it. All the companies began releasing products based on the newest trend. After a while, contouring seemed to have gotten put on the back burner and highlighting became the favorite technique. Personally, I prefer to contour based on my facial features (i.e. my fat cheeks) and my skin type (super oily). Because of the natural oils in my skin, highlighting and emphasizing the glow factor is one of the last things I want to do.

So, needless to say, I didn’t own very many highlighting products. I also tended to stay away from Physicians Formula because I had never been impressed with any of their products that I had tried. However, I heard really good things about the Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 palettes so I waited for a sale and picked one up at Ulta a while ago. As I’m writing this, they are $13.99 currently with a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale. I’m pretty sure that will last until November 28th and since it’s not considered a high-end brand (even though they are on the higher end of drugstore prices), you can use the $3.50 off of $10 coupon they have on their website or that you may get in the mail.
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The packaging was super cute and came with a little bow on the side, but mine fell off :( I bought the Warm Nude palette, but they also have a Natural Nude version which looks similar even though it’s a little lighter in the shade tones and doesn’t have that intense pink on the right-hand side. This palette comes with 12 different shades that you can choose to either use individually or mix together to make your own custom shade.
The product size is .26 oz and is intended for both the eyes and face. Although, like I’ve said before, makeup is makeup and you can use it for whatever you desire! When you open the back side of the product, it has a mirror and also came with a small applicator which I seemed to have lost somewhere. What a surprise! Anyone else lose those things like bobby pins?? On the back, it also gives some suggestions on how to use this product in many different ways. That’s a huge feature I love about this palette is that it’s one of those items you can use in countless ways and makes rushed mornings a lot less stressful.
This is a swatch of the first two rows, which are probably my favorite. I mix these in whichever way I want for a cheek highlight or a custom eyeshadow shade. These are also really nice for putting on the inner corner of the eye to brighten things up, lightly dusting underneath the brow bone for a shimmery lift, or patting on the center of the lid for ultimate brightening.
The last two rows are obviously on the darker side, making this a great highlight palette for any skin tone. If you like shimmery shades on the eyelid, you’d definitely be able to create many looks out of these shades, experimenting and combining different colors. Especially with how I mentioned in my October Favorites about how I’m loving these color tones for fall as an all over eyelid shade, it’ll take a while with all of these options before I get bored.
The swatch on the left is all of the colors on the first two rows mixed together and the one on the right is all of the colors on the bottom two rows. The complaint I had with all of the Physicians Formula products I’ve tried before is that the quality wasn’t there. I had a blush that didn’t show up at all when swatched and a mascara that didn’t add any volume. With this palette, though, it’s like it came from a whole different company. They are so smooth and buttery with absolutely no fallout. You can’t feel any of the glitter in it at all. I’d compare the texture of this palette to the Wet N’ Wild trios, very luxurious and soft. I not only recommend this product because of it’s quality, but also because of it’s versatility and how convenient it is for multiple uses.

Which do you prefer, contouring or highlighting? Let me know in the comments what your favorite products are for those two trends. I hope you have an absolutely awesome weekend...One that makes you laugh like this:

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