Maybelline Fit Me Vs the Better Skin Concealer

I think it’s obvious by now that I love drugstore makeup, but shopping for it can be a challenge sometimes because there are no testers in stores. You basically just have to take your best guess at the color, texture, and formulation when deciding what to purchase. Thankfully most stores accept returns or exchanges, but that can be inconvenient sometimes to have to go back. I absolutely adore the Maybelline Fit Me Concealers! I’ve used them for years and have multiple shades of it in my collection. They blend beautifully and have amazing coverage without feeling or looking too heavy on the skin. When Maybelline released a new concealer, the Superstay Better Skin, I was anxious to figure out what the difference was.

As far as packaging is concerned, they’re about the same (minus the shape) and come with a doe foot applicator. Both of them are offered in six different shades and have about the same amount of product. The Better Skin version costs more and has claims to improve your skin after 3 weeks of use. It’s made with ACTYL C, which is a more durable form of Vitamin C and known for its antioxidant benefits. It specifically claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles, spots, and imperfections on the skin. The Fit Me concealer doesn’t have any of those crazy claims, just to make the skin look naturally flawless without clogging pores.

From left to right, I included two Fit Me concealers in Fair and Light and I have the Better Skin version also in the shade Light. I included two of the Fit Me concealers so you can see how the color is different among the color names. These are the first two lightest shades in the Fit Me line and the second lightest shade out of the Better Skin options. You can see in the swatches below that Fit Me in Fair (left) is a little more on the pink side and the Better Skin in Light (right) has yellow undertones. The Fair shade is too light for my face currently, but I can switch off between the other two and they look fine when blended out.
After using and comparing the Better Skin version for the past couple of weeks, I do really like it but I’d still have to say that the Fit Me concealer is my favorite. The Better Skin concealer is more lightweight, but it also has lighter coverage. Since it doesn’t have as good of coverage as the other, I wasn’t able to use it exclusively for the 3 week period and can’t say whether it improved my skin or not. I will continue to use it on lighter makeup days and definitely recommend it for those who don’t need as much coverage. Because it’s more lightweight, I was also able to use it under my eyes which came in handy when I needed to get my makeup done quick and didn’t have time to switch to a separate concealer. And the yellow undertone helped cancel out the dark circles, as it claims. As far as wear time, they both lasted all day and stayed in place.

I hope you found this useful and will help you in your makeup shopping! If there’s any other specific drugstore products you’d like me to compare or review, let me know in the comments. I’d also love to hear which you prefer out of these two or any questions I may have missed! Have a beautiful day!


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