Morphe Brushes Review

I’m so glad to see within the last year or two more affordable companies producing makeup brushes that are of high quality. I think as far as the makeup side of it goes, there are so many good things you can find at the drugstore that work just as good as high-end products, if not better sometimes. But they always seemed to be lacking in the makeup brush department. There hasn’t always been a very wide range of affordable brushes until lately. Morphe Brushes, in particular, has become increasingly popular specifically within the last year and their products have been in such high demand that it might even be difficult to get your hands on some for a while.

I have visited their physical store when I lived in California and have also made a purchase on their website. As a recap of those experiences, the store was incredibly very small with limited parking and a security guard only allowing a few people in at a time. It was nice to actually touch the products before purchasing, but I wouldn’t go back because of the uncomfortable atmosphere and limited walking space. With my online purchase, it was very difficult to judge the color of products and size of brushes with the pictures on their website. Once I placed my order, it took quite a long time for them to process it and for me to receive the products.

This review is just going to be on the brushes that I have purchased and I’ll do a separate review of the eyeshadow palette soon. They offer so many brushes and have different collections, it may take some time to go through them all and make a decision. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful if you’re doing some research before making a purchase, so let’s get started!
The first two brushes I want to mention in the pictures below are from their Gun Metal collection and are the only two face brushes I have from their brand. The one on the left is G3, the Tapered Contour brush and the one on the right is G1, the Small Buffer brush. They’re both listed on their site right now for $13.99, but their sale prices change frequently. My favorite way to use G3 is with cream contour and I use the G1 for concealer or small areas of liquid product that need to be buffed out. I thought the G1 was going to be good for foundation also, but the bristles are a little too stiff and densely packed. While I found that unfortunate for foundation application, it does provide amazing coverage for spot areas like a blemish.  
The next two brushes are from their MB Black collection. The brush on the left is MB13, the Deluxe Blending Fluff brush listed currently at $4.99 and the one on the right is MB23, the Round Blender brush. I didn’t list the price of this one because it’s sold out at the moment, but I remember them both being around the same price. Neither of these brushes were what I was expecting when I ordered them. MB13 is a lot more flat when you turn it sideways than it looked in the picture, but is still okay for making a more soft cut-crease. MB23 isn’t as fluffy for blending as what I expected. I use it everyday for putting a light taupe in the crease after my primer, but I don’t think it would be good for blending out a complete outer corner look because it’s a little too precise.
The last couple of brushes I have are from different collections in their brand. The brush on the far left is the M407, Jumbo Shadow brush, from their Studio Pro line ($3.99). I think this brush is way too big to use as an eyeshadow brush unless you just use it to put color all over the lid quickly. The way I use it is with a loose powder to set my undereye concealer. It’s small enough to get into the inner corner and soft enough to not feel prickly on such a sensitive skin area. The second brush in from the left is the E30, Blending Fluff brush, from their Elite Collection ($6.99). This brush does feel and look more fancy than the others. I think it’s also great for quickly putting shadow all over the lid or blending an inner corner shadow up and into the crease.

The last three brushes are from their Studio line. The middle brush is the M208, Chisel Deluxe Fluff brush ($2.99). I use this for shadow under the brow bone, under the lash line, or for a more dense application of shadow on the lid. It’s one of my favorites because it’s so multipurpose. The second to last brush is the M153, Large Chisel Fluff brush ($1.99). This is one of my favorites for putting shadow on the inner half of the eyelid when I have darker colors on the outer half. It does a great job of picking up color and applying it on the lid because of its perfect size. The brush on the far right is the M158, Angle Liner/Spoolie brush ($2.99). The spoolie didn’t come bent like that, I did it myself because I find it easier to use. This is actually my favorite brush I've tried when applying a brow powder. The bristles are densely packed, allowing for more pigmentation of the color while the spoolie is very convenient and blends things perfectly.
Overall, I’m a really big fan of their brushes. While a lot of them weren’t what I was expecting, I still found a use for them all and am considering trying more. With that being said, however, I’m also hesitant to make another purchase from them just because of the hassle. They don’t offer any free shipping, they’re difficult to get in contact with, and they seem to always be sold out of the most popular items. It disappoints me that they aren’t able to advance their business, website, and store to keep up with the demand that they have recently encountered. Their website has crashed on multiple occasions and processing and shipping of orders takes more than a long time. They do come out with hot new products and a lot of them are great, but by the time everyone can get ahold of it other companies have already produced something similar that is easier to receive.

I’m not sure if I could say whether I recommend these are not. The brushes are great, but there are other affordable companies that offer excellent service along with excellent products. If the issues that I have don’t bother you, then I’d say go for it. But if the issues do concern you, I’d say to wait and go with another brand until Morphe updates their business.

~Mani Monday~
To start off, I’ll update about the gel nail polish in last week’s Mani Monday. It wore on the nails for a really long time, but after the ninth day it started bubbling by the cuticles and wanting to peel off. I’m not sure if that’s just the way it is or if it’s because they did three coats of the polish and no top coat. Either way, it was a pain to take off myself and didn’t leave my nails looking very healthy at all. I filed it down and let them breathe over the weekend before painting them again myself today with my beloved Sinful Colors polish. This week I’m wearing the shade Aubergine. This is a new color I picked up at Target and think it's a perfect cranberry red for the Christmas season. It is possible to get away with just one coat of this, but I'd recommend two to get the full richness of the color.
What's on your nails this week? I'd love to hear your experience with Morphe Brushes if you've tried them before and let me know in the comments section if you have any questions. Have an awesome day!


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