Soap & Glory Lip Balm Review

A really good habit that I’ve gotten myself into and added to my nighttime routine is putting on lip balm right before I go to sleep. Now, if I even skip just one night my lips are super chapped when I wake up in the morning. I’ve tried quite a few different lip balms over the years that I’ve been doing this, some that worked really well and some that weren’t so great. I heard some really good things about Soap & Glory’s A Great Kisser lip balm, so I picked up the one in Juicy Peach at Sephora ($10 for .63 oz). I haven’t paid much attention, but I’m pretty sure Sephora has stopped carrying Soap & Glory products since I purchased this, but it is easy to find online. has it listed for $6 on their website. Definite price increase on Sephora’s end, but what else is new?!
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Unfortunately when I got home, I immediately regretted this purchase which was sad because I had really high expectations for this brand. I was trying to avoid making my hands dirty when I was in the store, so I didn’t take advantage of the tester. I definitely should have done that first! This is one of the most stickiest lip products I have ever used. It says it has some good ingredients in it, which is why I wanted to give it a full chance and didn’t return it. It claims to be a super fruit butter moisturizer that melts on your lips when applied. I completely disagree with that claim, it’s sticky when it comes out of the container and stays that way on the lips. It kind of reminds me of a child’s play makeup item that you’d find from a cheap, unknown brand or on the toy aisle.
The scent is okay, it’s very strong and I found it to linger for quite a while. It’s fine at first, but the more you smell it you can begin to pick up a lot of the artificial peach scent. As an example for the tacky feeling this has, you can see from the texture in the picture above that it kind of looks like pink frosting. I keep trying to use this product just so I’ll be done with it, but it’s difficult to do because it doesn’t provide much moisture and is really uncomfortable to wear. I would definitely recommend to avoid this lip balm at all costs!

However, I also want to mention one of my favorite lip balms of all time that can still be found in most, if not all, Sephora stores. I’m talking about the Smith’s lip balms. It doesn’t matter which one, I’ve tried and love them all! They’re usually found by the register and range from $6-7 depending on the scent. The different prices for scented ones doesn’t make much sense, but again that’s Sephora’s price logic for ya.
The one on the left is the original Rosebud Salve and the one on the right is the Strawberry scented one, which is a backup and I haven’t opened it yet. You can see in the picture how much this product is loved and I always have a backup because I never want to be without it! These are very smooth and not sticky in any way. They stay on my lips and keep them moisturized throughout the night. You get a little bit more product in these than you do in the Soap & Glory one (.63 oz vs .8 oz). You don’t need much of this because a little bit goes a long way and it’s easy to blend across the lips.
The Rosebud version is clear when swatched on the hand, but gives just a hint of rosy-red when applied on the lips. The Strawberry one stays clear and the Soap & Glory balm does have pigmentation to it and looks like a pastel peachy-pink gloss. I know the fact that both of these are in open tin packaging is seen as a downside for a lot of people, but it doesn’t bother me. I only use these lip balms right before bed and make sure my hands are always clean before application. And if you wanted to, you could also use a lip brush. You know, the super skinny ones that come in combination palettes or brush sets that everyone forgets about?! Here’s a good way to put them to use! And if that's not good enough, they do sell them in a squeezy tube version online.

Giving negative reviews of a product aren’t always my favorite thing to do, but I keep my reviews honest and give you my true opinion. I try products because I’m completely obsessed with makeup and want to help others in their decision-making of future purchases. I could never imagine giving a positive review of a product I don’t truly love. Please let me know if there is anything that I forgot to mention and I would love to hear your experiences with these products or what your favorite lip balms are! I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend! :)

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