Wet n Wild Lash Primer Review

Lash primers have become really popular recently and I’ve tried out a few, but haven’t been really impressed. The goal of them is to make your lashes look thicker and longer, as well as to give something for the mascara to hold onto so it lasts throughout the day. But I always use two mascaras for that exact purpose anyway and didn’t feel like this approach was going to make things any easier. It’s still using two products, so what’s the difference as far as effort and time? But I love Wet n Wild’s brand, so when I saw them release their version of a lash primer I had to try it just because.
Wet n Wild is incredibly affordable and this primer retails for $5 at Walmart, Target, most drugstores, and the Wet n Wild website. It comes with .27 oz of product and is in small packaging so it’s great for travel and storage. It’s a white primer, which is pretty typical, even though brands are starting to release black primers as well. It has many, many claims including: enhancing volume, creating dramatic lashes that look like falsies, quick-drying, lengthening, prep & prime, builds, strengthens, promotes lash health, and conditions lashes. It says it’s made with waxes (rather than traditional fibers) to add the volume and length, yet conditions and nourishes because it also includes Vitamins A and E, and D-Panthenol. That’s a lot to claim for an eyelash primer!
I actually really like the packaging and think it’s so cute. The wand is easy to use and it’s made with traditional bristles that allow for just a little bit of movement. I don’t notice too much clumping with this primer and really appreciate that it doesn’t include fibers. I was always worried of those getting in my contacts and ruining my day. Having a white layer on the lashes looks a bit unusual at first, but it does help in being able to see how much you have on. I did notice that it dried pretty quickly, which I was definitely happy about because I didn’t want it getting into my actual mascara tube and messing with the formula. Even though it dries your lashes in place, it’s still easy maneuver your way through to make them look how you want.
In the example picture below, you can see the progression from my bare lashes to after they are curled (which makes the biggest difference). I applied two coats of the primer without letting them dry in between coats and then went in with two coats of Covergirl's Supersizer mascara after the primer had dried. I mentioned in my last tutorial that I didn’t like this mascara very much and that’s true, I don’t. I know a lot of people really love it, but it doesn’t do anything for me other than just coat my lashes black. It doesn’t provide very much volume at all, it doesn’t hold a curl better than anything else, and doesn’t add any length. Unless I use it with this primer! I chose to use a mascara that I don’t like to test this primer out because I really wanted to see what it could do. And I really like it!! It makes the Supersizer mascara a completely different product and gives me the length and volume in lashes that I want.
I definitely recommend picking this primer up next time you see it in stores. You really can’t beat the price and the difference it makes on a mascara that I otherwise despise is incredible. Wet n Wild products always make me happy and this primer is no exception, I’m so glad I decided to give it a try. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on lash primers and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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