Ulta Rose Gold Palette Tutorial

We all know how much I love doing reviews on products, providing you with every single little detail that I can think of to make you as informed as possible. However, when I started my blog I knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of tutorial every now and then to balance things out and make it more fun. I wasn’t sure how to approach it for the longest time, but have finally decided to just go for it. And what better product to do it with than a palette that I’ve talked about constantly - Ulta’s Rose Gold Palette! I love every color in this palette, which makes looks so much fun because you basically can’t go wrong and the options are endless.
In this tutorial, I wanted to focus on the actual look and shadow application rather than providing details of the product. But in case you missed my full review on this palette, you can find it here as well as in every Monthly Favorites post since January! Below is a close up picture of the palette, the top row are all shimmers and the bottom row are all mattes. The shadows in the top row include Champagne, Pink, Hopeless Romantic, Chandelier, Luxe, and Dahlia. The shadows in the bottom row are Prosecco, Bubbles, Breathless, Dessert, Sweetheart, and Orchid.
I’ll be providing individual pictures for step by step application, but there will be one picture at the end that includes them all for an easier, condensed guide. To begin, I primed my eyes with Milani's eyeshadow primer which is amazing if you have oily lids. Then I took a fluffy eyeshadow brush to lightly apply Prosecco as a base to prevent my primer from being too sticky and to allow the other shadows to blend more easily.
Taking a Morphe MB23 brush, I carelessly applied Breathless into the crease and outer half of the lid to add some definition and dimension between colors. This is one of my favorite shades in the palette and you don’t have to worry about going too heavy-handed with it.
I used a Sephora brand blending brush and mixed together Dessert, Luxe, and Orchid to put right on top of where I applied Breathless. Mixing shadows together isn’t necessary, but I can’t help myself when I have a palette like this. It’s just so much fun and these three together have been my favorite so far. I like applying it with a blending brush because it makes it easier during the actual blending process.
I took an Ulta brand crease brush to apply Dahlia to the very outer corner of the eye to create just a little more dimension and added depth. The Ulta crease brush is great for this because it’s dense enough to only get the color where you intend for it to go. Then I went in with my favorite Sonia Kashuk blending brush with nothing on it and blended everything so there was no harsh lines. If you accidentally made the other shadows darker than you had intended, pick up either Pink or Bubbles on your brush to help erase and tone down the darkness.
To even everything out and make sure the look wasn’t too top heavy, I brought in a pencil brush from the BH Cosmetics Eye Essential brush set that I reviewed and used it to place those same three shadows (Dessert, Luxe, and Orchid) a little more than halfway along the lower lash line.
Champagne is the color that I chose to put on the inner half of my lid. I like to apply it with my finger first to get a faster, more pigmented application and then blend it out in the crease and lower lash line with a Morphe M153 brush. In case you missed my Morphe brushes review, you can find that here. Then I took Ulta’s Naked eyeshadow (which I raved about in my review) and placed that on the very inner corner of my eye with a Sephora brand smudge brush to catch the light and really brighten everything up. I seriously cannot live without this shadow, I love it so much and use it in every single look that I do!
For eyeliner, I chose to go with Jordana’s Retractable Easy Eyeliner in Eggplant. This is one of my favorites because I love the way it looks with brown and green eyes, which I tend to have a mixture of. I always go over my pencil eyeliner with an eyeshadow because it helps keep it in place on my oily lids and creates a softer look rather than the harsh line of a pencil. I used Dahlia from the palette with an angled eyeliner brush from Ecotools. I only brought the eyeliner halfway on both my upper and lower lashes because this keeps the definition on the outer half of the eye, making them look bigger.
Now it’s time for the lashes! I always curl my eyelashes no matter what I’m doing, but I have absolutely no clue what eyelash curler I use. I’ve looked everywhere on it for a name and there isn’t one. I’ve had it for years, so I couldn’t even begin to think where I might’ve gotten it. But I heat it up with my blow dryer for a couple seconds and curl them twice to make sure they stay.
I always use two mascaras because I like my lashes to look as thick and as long as possible without wearing fake lashes. Any mascara that says it’s going to do both has always let me down, so I just give in and use one of each. I apply two coats of my volumizing mascara first, today I’m using Covergirl’s Supersizer which I don’t really like. I let it get a little tacky before applying two coats of my beloved L’oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions lengthening mascara and then I’m good to go. You don’t want the first mascara to be too wet because when you go in with the second mascara, it’ll just wipe it right off. But you don’t want it to be too dry either because you still need to be able to maneuver your way through the lashes and get them to look how you want. I like to do the lengthening mascara second because it’s better at separating the lashes.
And that’s it! I know it seems a little lengthy, but it doesn’t take more than maybe 10 minutes. I basically do these same steps for every single eye look that I create, so future tutorials should be easy to follow along. Usually my looks are a little more natural than this one, but this palette just gets me so excited I have to use all the colors!!
Here’s the final look and my first attempt at being an eyeshadow model. With my eye shape, it is seriously so hard to get a good look at my eyeshadow without the lid being all wrinkly. Does anybody else have that struggle?? Because if you do, I feel you!
I hope y’all enjoyed my very first tutorial and getting to see one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes in action! If you recreate this look, I would absolutely love to see it so don’t forget to tag me on any of my social media platforms (links are on the right sidebar and at the end of the post) and let me know what you think. Leave me your thoughts, comments, and questions in the comments section below and I hope you have a beautiful day!

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