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It’s time for a tag post again!! Yayy!! I always say how these are some of my favorite just because I love that they’re more personal for y’all to get to know other sides of me rather than just my thoughts on beauty and a few recipes or DIY projects here and there. I had pinned some questions that I thought looked like fun, but didn’t realize that they were actually content challenges to post everyday. And while that does seem fun and all, I decided to just take those topics and put them into one tag post. So even though these might not be actual ‘questions,’ it’s still along the same lines ;)
1.) Take a picture of your work space ~
Ta-Da!! The actual desk isn’t very big, but it gets the job done. I bought it about two years ago from Walmart. On it, I always have my laptop and a mouse, a mason jar that I spray painted gold, my phone, a few essential desk supplies like pens, markers, tape, etc. and some binders to keep me organized. The little plastic cart also holds various desk supplies with a few blogging essentials on top for taking quick notes.

2.) Answer a question ~
A question that I got on my Instagram a while ago was what base coat do I use. I did answer it on that specific post, but think it’s one that should be shared since I always feature my Mani Mondays, but have never mentioned my base coat. My favorite one is the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener in the pink bottle. I’ve gone through about three bottles of it. It definitely keeps my nail polish on longer, strengthens my nails, and protects them from staining. They also have one that looks similar, but is in a blue bottle. That one was no good, go for the pink!

3.) Something about a community event you’re looking forward to ~
Does football games count?? I was in marching band in high school and loved watching the actual game. Even when I graduated, we still went back as a fun family night out and I always enjoy it so much!

4.) Something funny ~
I jumped from my own reflection a few days ago, that was pretty hilarious. I was walking past a tiny mirror and saw the top of my hair. I thought it was bug out of the corner of my eye and legitimately jumped two steps away, then proceeded to laugh for five minutes at how ridiculous I was.

5.) My story ~
For blogging? Okay, long story short -- I’ve always loved makeup, but became really obsessed with it about four years ago when my boyfriend moved across the country (Florida to California) and I didn’t know what else to do with my time other than watch Youtube videos or go to the beach. My collection quickly grew and I began to develop my own opinions on different products. Youtube was beginning to transition to its “advertisement, commercial-like phase” where popular reviews from big channels seemed fake.

I thought about starting a channel and being real with my opinions and reviews, but became discouraged and intimidated with how disrespectful and hateful people were. Keeping my opinions to myself, my collection continued to grow over the years. When my boyfriend and I moved back to Florida and into our new house, I had just graduated college and we were both transitioning with our careers. Out of the blue one night, I got the idea to start a blog (with absolutely zero experience or research) and just went with it before I could talk myself down. Now, here I am nine months later and loving it!

6.) Someone else’s content ~
My very first blogging friend that I was able to connect with was Amanda from She was so sweet and welcoming during my first few months as a new blogger that it definitely gave me inspiration that I really could do this. She has continued to inspire me in so many ways and I definitely recommend visiting her blog and saying hi if you haven’t already! She’s absolutely wonderful and has a great sense of style!
7.) Throwback picture ~
This was my first blogging picture that I ever used across my social media profiles. Leave me a comment if you’ve been with me that long and remember this picture! For some behind the scenes about where this picture came from: I took it in front of someone’s house in Venice Beach, California. I finished my last two years of college online when I was living in California and needed a picture to send with my graduation announcements. So we drove to the beach looking for more scenic places to take a picture and ended up with this!

8.) Something seasonal ~
This is pretty seasonal when thinking about summer time in Florida. Sometimes it’s beautiful with plenty of sunshine, perfect for a day in the pool. And other days, it’s full of cloudy rainstorms that prevent you from taking pictures and the humidity fogs up the camera lens when you walk outside. But I love it.

9.) Inspiration ~
This might seem a little shallow at first, but there are about a bazillion quotes out there to make you feel inspired and give you a little motivational speech for the day. Those are nice and all, but you can’t do those things without feeling positive about yourself first. Which is why I chose this picture to share. If you feel good about yourself, then you’ll feel more capable of doing the things you set out to do. To find more quotes that give me motivation, visit my Pep Talk Pinterest board here.

10.) An event you’ve recently attended ~
In my hometown, we have a little festival every June called Billy Bowlegs. It’s basically a weekend full of activities and a little skit played out including history of the town where pirates invaded the city, taking the land from the pilgrims. My dad has been going ever since he was really young and started the tradition with me at a young age. It’s something so simple, but something I enjoy so much and look forward to every year just based off the memories.

11.) An attention grabbing statistic ~
I took a blogging course a few months ago with Erica from She’s a former college professor of mine and her blog was the only blog I had ever seen or followed before starting my own. I have been so inspired by the progress she has made by blogging and was dying to know all her secrets. Seeing the information come from someone that I have personally met gave me the courage to know that I can do it myself and that it is achievable.
One of the first statistics she mentioned in the course is that most bloggers quit after six months of blogging and don’t make any money. That was so surprising to me because I didn’t ever think about how many people give up or don’t pursue any income for their work. If you’re starting out blogging or want to learn amazing ways to enhance your blog, I definitely recommend signing up for her e-course. By the end of it, I had about four pages of notes written and I’m still going through them all!

12.) Ask a question ~
My question for you is...What is your favorite thing about my blog and what would you like to see from me in the future?

13.) Correct a common misconception in your niche ~
I think one of the most common misconceptions about the beauty community and just makeup in general is that girls wear makeup to hide or to be fake. And while, yes, unfortunately there are a few women who prefer to use it more dramatically than others, makeup - for the average woman - is used to enhance the natural features and the beauty that we were born with.

14.) Favorite book or something on your reading list ~
I can’t even remember the last time I read a book or what it was, but what is currently on my reading list is to read everything I can about blogging, photography, etc. in addition to my US Weekly magazine that I get in the mail every so often ;)

15.) A helpful tip related to your expertise ~
I’ve posted a few helpful makeup hacks which are definitely my most favorites. But currently, I’ve been loving curling my hair in a ponytail, then letting it down for super fast and easy curls when I don’t feel like doing my hair.

16.) Something in celebration of a milestone, birthday, or little-known holiday ~
There’s been a few celebrations in my life recently. It was my mom’s birthday, my four year anniversary with my boyfriend, our one year mark of owning our home, and I’m coming up on my one year mark of being graduated from college. So many things to be thankful for right now ♥

17.) Favorite quote ~
“The best judge of character is what you do when no one’s watching.” I think this one speaks for itself...

18.) An average day ~
An average day includes checking emails and social media in the morning while I drink my coffee. Publish and advertise blog posts, or take pictures for and write future blog posts during the day. Spending a few moments cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, dishes, laundry, and picking up random things as I go. Eating. Getting ready somewhere between all of that if I need to run errands. Then continue blogging chores into the night, stopping one hour (at minimum) to relax before bed. Pinterest said it best…
19.) Proud moment ~
As hard as it was, I think my most proud moment was moving away from home. I don’t mean that in a bad way, though. I have a very close relationship with my family and if someone would’ve told me that I would move from Florida to California then back to Florida, there’s absolutely no way I would’ve believed them. Growing up, I didn’t even want to entertain the idea of moving out of my hometown. That’s exactly what I did. It was crazy, but I did it and I couldn’t be more happy with where my life is today.

20.) What makes you feel better ~
Positive feedback about what I’m doing always puts the biggest smile on my face and brightens my day, but since that’s a bit more rare to come by, we’ll say cuddles from my puppy. She’s always there and she’s just the sweetest, lovable princess there ever was ♥
These were definitely more in-depth questions than I have ever done in a tag post before, but I had so much fun answering them all. Not only did it make me think and really reflect on my life, things that have changed me, and things that are important to me, but it also reminded me how much I have to be thankful for and how happy I am. I challenge everyone to answer these questions, whether you have a blog or not, I think it’s a great exercise to do. If you do have a blog and you accept the challenge, don’t forget to leave me a link or tag me on social media so I can see your answers!


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