How To Fake Thicker Lashes

In my last post, I explained my step by step process for my daily mascara routine. To go along with that, I wanted to share with you another makeup tip that I use all the time to instantly make my lashes look thicker without wearing falsies. I mentioned in that post that I don’t like wearing false lashes very often, so I’m always trying to do everything I can to easily make my thin, short lashes look thicker than they are. Of course mascara always helps, but if you have an extra minute in your routine this trick takes the lashes to a whole new level!

What I’m talking about is using brown eyeshadow as an eyeliner right along the lash line. A common myth in the beauty world is that you use black eyeliner to frame the eyes and enhance the lashes. While it may frame the eyes, it doesn’t enhance the lashes very much because the black liner presents a more harsh image along the lashline. Black eyeliner makes it more obvious to tell what’s liner and what’s mascara when the look is complete and depending  on what look you’re going for, sometimes it can look a bit too much.
When I’m going to do a simple eye look and really want my lashes to stand out and look more dramatic to open the appearance of my eyes, I reach for the browns. I pick up any rich dark brown eyeshadow I can find (the one pictured is Wet n Wild’s Naked Truth palette) with a small angled eyeliner brush (this one is from Ecotools) and apply it as absolutely close to the lash line as possible. I’m not using any pencil, gel, or liquid liners, just the eyeshadow.

This allows it to settle in between the lash hairs so there’s no gaps. It also keeps the look as natural as possible while making me look like I have super thick lashes. Notice, also, that I only applied it halfway along the upper lash line and halfway along the bottom lash line. When you take the eyeliner all the way to the inner corners, it makes the eyes look smaller and closed off. Keeping the darker colors on the outer corner of the eye makes them appear bigger.
In the picture below, you can see the difference between my eye without any liner on and just mascara, with the brown eyeshadow, and with a black eyeshadow (used in the same manner). The first picture looks the most natural, for obvious reasons. The last picture with the black eyeshadow looks the most dramatic because that’s the effect that such dark shadow has, no matter how thin you try to apply it. The middle picture with the brown eyeshadow looks natural, but shows the appearance of the thickest lashes. This is because the brown eyeshadow almost disappears behind the mascara and creates the most subtle, natural shadow at the base of my lash line that is almost undetectable.
This is one of my favorite ways to amp up my ‘natural makeup’ because it still leaves everything very simple. It enhances a feature that I like to play up, but without looking too harsh and heavy. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants their eyes to appear bigger and their lashes to seem thicker. It could not be any more simple and only takes a few extra seconds in the morning.

~Mani Monday~
I got this Ella + Mila nail polish in my May Boxycharm box, but haven’t reached for it until this week. It’s a beautiful pastel mint green in the shade Pistache. I’ve never heard of this brand before, so I was excited to try something from their line. I think the color is wonderful, but my main concern was when I was applying it. I noticed it had a thin, streaky formula that was a little difficult to build up and make it look smooth for being such a light shade. I also added in one of my favorite gold polishes (Nicole by OPI - On A Gilt Trip) for an accent. I just can’t get enough of it! Come back for next week’s Mani Monday to see how Pistache holds up for me throughout the week!
What’s on your nails this week?


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