NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils Review

Does anybody even talk about these NYX Jumbo Pencils anymore? They were the item to have a few years ago and now I feel like they just got thrown to the back in the beauty world. I started noticing how I use one of mine every single day in my makeup routine and figured why not bring them all back out. It’s not a type of product that has gone away and that people have stopped using. But I think more so that other brands have started releasing their own versions and the NYX ones have gotten lost in the mix.
You can find these pencils at Ulta, some Targets, Amazon, and on the NYX website. They come with .18 oz of product and usually retail for around $5 each. When you first look at them, the packaging can be a little confusing. I originally thought they were a twist up, but they are actually just a regular pencil that you have to sharpen. Usually those worry me because I always end up breaking them, but these have held up nicely for me.

I have five different shades to share with you, the first one being my favorite and the one I use on a daily basis in my routine. It’s also their most popular shade, Milk. This has so many different purposes for being a white pencil. You can use it to highlight the inner corner, as an actual eyeliner, on the waterline, many girls use it as an eyeshadow base to really make shadows bright. My favorite way to use it is to highlight my browbone. I apply it under the eyebrow, blend it in with my finger, and dust a white pressed powder over to set it. It’s incredibly creamy, easy to use, and is a staple in my collection.
The other ones I’m going to mention don’t get as much use from me. Not because they’re a bad product (they’re all very buttery), but because I need something with a more tacky texture for my oily eyelids. I very well could use these over an actual primer, but that’s just an added step that I don’t ever feel like taking. I typically reach for these on minimal makeup days where I won’t be wearing them for hours on end. The beautiful pink champagne shade is Yogurt and the darker tan is Iced Mocha. They both can create a more natural eye look and might not even need to be set with an eyeshadow if you don’t generally have an issue with creasing.
Looking at these last two shades, I always wonder what was going through my mind that made me want such bright colors. I very rarely ever use shades outside of the neutral range, but I’m thinking I might have gotten these for Mardi Gras one year. The purple shade is Purple Velvet and the green is Sparkle Green. All of these that I mentioned have some sort of shimmer or glitter in them, except for Milk which is completely matte. The texture of these two seemed just a tad bit more dry than the others, but the quality is still very impressive. Bringing out this green again makes me think it would look beautiful as a pop of color along the lower lash line!
Although I don’t get as much use out of most of these that I own, I could not live without the Milk shade! If you’re someone who is really into the eye pencils and like to use them for convenience or to help shadows appear more pigmented, I definitely recommend taking a look into these NYX pencils. They were raved about for a reason and the quality hasn’t changed since then. They have over 30 shades, so there’s bound to be one for you! If you have tried these before, leave a comment telling me what you thought of them and what your favorite shade is! Have a gorgeous weekend!

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