Jade Roller: What is it?

I’ve been seeing these jade facial rollers going around social media and just between the beauty community in general. I love skincare, hygiene, and all of that pampering stuff so of course I was completely curious and had to get one of my own. I didn’t look much into the benefits of it or all the little details before placing my order, I just fell in love with the thought of how amazing it must make my skin feel. I was right, it feels wonderful! I’ve had it for about two weeks now and wanted to share my experience with you in case you might be curious about this new little tool also.
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They can be found a few different places online, but I got this double sided one from Amazon. It was only around $7, which is definitely a reasonable price for something that initially seems so fancy. Some of the benefits of what a jade roller can provide are reduced puffiness, wrinkles, and dark under eye circles. It can tighten your pores because jade is cool to the skin even at room temperature. It improves blood circulation, skin tone, skin elasticity, and can also promote lymphatic drainage when used on the neck. Sounds perfect, right?! Well, it basically is!

I like to keep mine in the fridge to make it extra cool and refreshing when I place it on the skin. Usually I will use the smooth side on a clean face right before I apply my makeup because I have noticed it tighten my pores and that is exactly what I want when I’m about to layer foundation and concealer on top.
If I’m not going to be getting ready or putting makeup on, I like to use the massaging side followed by the smooth end right after I wash my face in the morning to make me feel more refreshed to start my day. Because it increases blood circulation, the massaging side of it does make my skin a little red but that only lasts for a few seconds before it’s back to normal.

I don’t typically use this on my neck, but I have definitely seen and can feel the results from it on my face. Specifically including reduced puffiness and dark under eye circles. It doesn’t take much time to add into my morning routine and is something I’ve been looking forward to when I wake up. I haven’t had any issues with this particular product, such as low quality parts or anything like that. If you’re thinking about adding this to your routine, I would definitely recommend it. It could also make a nice stocking stuffer since the holidays will be here before we know it!

If you have any other questions, please leave them for me in the comments. Also, I’d love to hear what your favorite skin care tool is! What pampering item can you not live without?


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