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I cannot even believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away and that one week from now will be Black Friday. That’s so exciting!! Even though I have no idea where the whole year went, I love that we are making our way into the holiday season. I even just saw UPS with their golf cart deliveries the other day and it made me so happy! But anyway, that has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post. I saw another Would You Rather tag featured on Buzzfeed and although I did one back in February, this has completely different questions that are a lot of fun. I thought it’d be great for this month’s tag post, so let’s just jump right into it!
1.) Would you rather drop your foundation or have a glittery eyeshadow explode in your makeup bag?
I would definitely rather drop my foundation. I’ve had many eyeshadows break and they are a painnn to clean off of everything. Dropped foundation would still be messy, but would also require a lot less effort to pick up.

2.) Would you rather get mascara on your eyelid after doing your makeup for an hour or smudge your nails minutes after painting them?
Well if you remember back a few months, I posted a makeup tip explaining a quick fix for getting mascara on your eyelid so I’ll absolutely choose that instead. Within one minute it can be fixed like nothing ever happened, unlike smudging your nails.
3.) Would you rather spend a day with lipstick on your teeth or spend a day wearing wonky false eyelashes?
Either one of those would be really embarrassing, but I’d rather have lipstick on my teeth. I feel like that’s a more common situation and wouldn’t make me feel as bad.

4.) Would you rather never be able to achieve perfect eyeliner or never be able to achieve perfect eyebrows?
Although I’ve never been an eyebrow fanatic, I’d rather never be able to achieve perfect eyeliner because that is something that I can actually go without. I need that extra pigment and shape to my brows!

5.) Would you rather smash your favorite eyeshadow palette or break your favorite lipstick?
I’d break my favorite lipstick in a heartbeat before I’d break my favorite eyeshadow palette. A palette is much more expensive than any lipstick that I will ever own. Plus, lipstick is one product. You break an eyeshadow palette and that’s multiple different shades ripped from your collection. Nooo way!!
6.) Would you rather lose your eyelashes in a tragic curler accident or accidentally wax off an eyebrow?
Eyelashes and mascara are my favorite part of makeup, so I’d definitely rather wax off an eyebrow. Drawing in eyebrows completely isn’t cute, I know. But with so many different brow products on the market, hopefully I’d be able to create something halfway decent looking until they grew back.

7.) Would you rather have clumpy spider lashes or cakey foundation?
I think I’d be okay with either of these, honestly. Clumpy lashes are actually a specific look that people sometimes try to achieve and I also have quite a few tricks for preventing cakey foundation. But if I had to choose one over the other, I’d rather have cakey foundation because that can be fixed and I really do like adding length to my lashes.

8.) Would you rather always have chipped nail polish or always have faded lipstick?
I love my mani’s, so faded lipstick it is. And with the ombre lips being a trend recently I could totally just pass it off like I did it on purpose, right?!

9.) Would you rather spend an hour taking off glitter nail polish or spend 15 minutes scrubbing off waterproof mascara?
If you saw Monday’s post, I think I made it clear that I love my lashes and always try to do whatever I can to take care of and improve the ones I have. I never scrub my eyes at all to remove makeup (coconut oil works wonders!), so spending an entire 15 minutes just makes me cringe. I spend what seems like forever taking off glitter nail polish anyway, so what’s the difference??
10.) Would you rather accidentally rub off your pristine eye makeup or accidentally get your makeup on a random inanimate object?
I’d absolutely rather accidentally get my makeup on a random inanimate object. I think that’s something I probably do on a regular basis anyway, so it wouldn’t really change anything.

11.) Would you rather wear foundation that’s too light or foundation that’s too dark?
Foundation that’s too light, for sure! What else do you think bronzer was made for?? ;)

12.) Would you rather somehow get glitter in your eyeball or inexplicably get foundation in your mouth?
Both of those choices are awful! I get things in my eyeball pretty frequently (specifically dog hair), so I feel like that would be an easier fix for me because I’m not afraid of touching my eye and I’d feel more confident in taking care of it rather than scrubbing foundation off of my tongue. Gross!

13.) Would you rather have a lifetime supply of lipstick or a lifetime supply of eyeshadow?
Eyeshadow!!! I think I’m probably already on my way to that. I have way more eyeshadows than what I will ever be able to go through in my life, but I always want more. There’s so many shades to choose from and so many different combinations, I love it!

Some of these were difficult to answer, although it was still super fun. I’m not always the best decision maker, but I feel like I did a good job with these. It makes it easier knowing they aren’t completely real decisions, though. That would be awful! If you missed any of my other tag posts, you can find them all here. If you choose to accept this challenge, don’t forget to leave me a link to your answers in the comments section. I’d love to see what you chose!

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