Lip Stain Hack

Lipstains, liquid lipsticks, and matte lipsticks have become really popular recently. It’s pretty much all anybody ever wears anymore. However, we’re starting to realize that with those lip products come other issues. The most common being dry, chapped lips when they’re worn frequently and over long periods of time. So how do you solve this issue without completely giving up these newly discovered favorites? As with most beauty issues, the trick is pretty simple...
Lip products that claim to last an extremely long time are usually very drying and can cause some discomfort towards the end of the day. Not to mention how unattractive it is when the color hangs on to the dry patches, making the problem even more noticeable. This usually happens with lipstains, matte lipstick (liquid or solid), and liquid lipsticks that claim to last all day.
The solution, in a nutshell, is to moisturize. Although it goes a little beyond that to notice a significant difference in appearance and comfort. I mentioned it before, but exfoliating the lips is extremely important whether you’re wearing these drying products are not. You can find my favorite 2-ingredient DIY lip scrub here.

Immediately after exfoliating, you should always apply an intense lip balm. You can do this the night before or the day of. Usually I let my lip balm nourish the lips overnight and apply a light balm in the morning to prep my lips as I complete the rest of my makeup. This way, I’ve made sure they’re as moisturized as possible before wiping it off to apply my favorite stain.
Some lip stains will dry down as you go throughout your day and it won’t mess up the product to apply a balm on top if your lips start feeling dry again. If you’re going for a matte look, then that probably won’t be the best solution. Although, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself and your skin first before your makeup can look flawless. If you’re having an extremely difficult time getting your lips back to a healthy state, then it’d be best if you only wore those products a few times throughout the week until things are under control. I don’t care what anyone says, glossy lips are still cute!!

I hope you enjoyed and found this useful! If you have any other questions, please them for me in the comments. Have you dealt with this problem before? How did you handle it? Let me know!

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