My 23rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to mee!! I turned 23 yesterday and while I can’t really say that I feel any older, I can definitely say that I’m still amazed at the changes that have happened within the last year. I finished my bachelor’s degree, moved across the country to come back home, became a homeowner, started this blog, and created so many wonderful memories. Some of the changes weren’t the easiest and definitely brought a challenge, but I was able to push through and realize in the end that it was all worth it.

I spent the day with my boyfriend celebrating by going makeup shopping and eating sushi. It was pretty awesome! I picked up a lot of fun, new goodies from Ulta that I had been having my eye on for a while and got my free birthday mascara. I also stopped in Sephora to pick up a free birthday gift there too, but I don’t think they’ve updated that store yet. They gave me a Nars lip duo set (last year’s gift) rather than this year’s Marc Jacob’s eyeliner and lipstick combo. Has anybody else experienced that? If you haven’t signed up for either of those reward programs yet, I definitely recommend it. Ulta also offers double points during your entire birthday month! Our sushi was delicious, although all I ever order is a California roll. It’s so yummy, I just can’t help myself. Plus, I don’t like fish and I’m not really adventurous at all when it comes to food.
I’m so thankful for everything in my life. I’m in such a happy place and feel confident, determined, and positive enough to be successful in anything I choose to put my mind to. Writing this blog has become one of my biggest passions and continuing to grow and improve it is definitely my primary goal moving forward into 2016. I can’t wait to see what is in store for this year and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I’m looking forward to creating it! Hope you have wonderful weekend!


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