How To Keep Makeup Brushes Clean Longer

Cleaning your makeup brushes is no fun, I think it’s safe to say that’s one chore we pretty much all dislike doing. But it’s so important! I have discussed how I clean my makeup brushes in a separate post and although I have found the easiest, most affordable, fastest way to get it done, that doesn’t mean that I want to do it more than once a month. So how do I keep them clean in between deep cleanings without using any wet products or taking a trip to the sink? Keep reading!...
Just to be clear, before we get started, the brushes that you use with wet products such as foundation or cream blushes do need to be washed regularly throughout the week to remove germs and prevent build up. This trick is for brushes that you use with powder products. Powder product comes out of brushes faster, so brushes used with those are easier to clean directly after each use. There are products that you can buy for this specific purpose, but I just like to stick with regular washcloths. I bought a set of 8 colorful washcloths for around $4 at TJMaxx.
Notice that these also have a little bit of texture to them, which will help to give a better cleaning. Some of them are stained from so much use over the years, but that’s perfectly fine with me because it doesn’t change the way that they perform. This is how I usually fold them up and every time I go to apply my makeup, I start with a clean section of the washcloth. After I use a brush, whatever it may be for, I always wipe it off on the washcloth to remove excess product.
Not only will this remove excess powder in your brush to keep it clean longer in between deep cleanings, but this is also a great trick when using the same brush for different colors. For example, in my last tutorial, I used the same brush for both a dark green and a light purple eyeshadow. Wiping it off on the washcloth after each application prevented colors from mixing together. Keeping clean makeup brushes is so important to your skin and taking the couple extra seconds to clean them after application will reduce the amount of buildup, which leads to germs and growth of bacteria.

If you have any other questions or suggestions for future makeup hacks, please leave them for me in the comments section. Also, let me know what your favorite beauty trick is!

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