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I know everyone’s kind of going through this phase right now with the matte lips, but that’s just something I never got into. They always looked too dry to me and I don’t like how it shows every single crease. Not to mention the upkeep behind it all and making sure that you’re lips are exfoliated and moisturized enough so that it doesn’t look crazy. I’m sorry, I just can’t get into all of that. I want some kind of shine or hydrated look. If you’re like me, then this post is gonna be perfect for you! I’ve found a lip product that can instantly transform any lipstick into a glossy finish without moving product around while freshening your breath at the same time. What?!?!
I found this a few years ago at Bath & Body Works. It’s made by C.O. Bigelow and is called the Mentha Supreme 2X Lip Shine. It has a strong peppermint scent to it that tingles your lips a little bit when it’s applied, but nothing like a lip plumper. Since the scent is so strong and because it tastes like peppermint, that’s what’s going to make your breath fresher. Just like if you were to put peppermint oil on your skin, it provides a nice cooling sensation to help you feel more refreshed.
It has the same applicator that most lip products do that come in this type of packaging. You could apply it directly to your lips or use a small lip brush. This can be placed over regular lipstick, matte lipstick, a lip stain, or over a tinted lip balm such as Maybelline Baby Lips or the NYX Butter Balms. In the comparison picture below, I’m wearing the NYX Butter Balm in the shade Ladyfingers. As long as the product has had time to set on your lips, the gloss doesn’t move anything when applied on top.
I use this trick all the time to transform whatever lip product I’m wearing into a beautiful gloss. Although it doesn’t have any plumping effects to it, adding shine to your lips also makes them appear more full - unlike matte products which tend to shrink the appearance of your lips. It’s very comfortable to wear and not sticky at all. If you’ve seen this product before and have been wondering about it, or if you’ve just been looking for something similar, I definitely recommend checking this one out.

~Mani Monday~
This is a new polish that I recently added to my collection. It’s an Ulta brand nail polish in the shade Hot Spot. I’ve never owned a color like this before and I’m really enjoying it right now. It’s almost like a mixture between a brick red and terra cotta. If you look closely in person, it has just the smallest amount of gold glitter in it also. So glad I picked this one up!
Hot Spot.JPG
What’s on your nails this week?


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