St. Patty's Day Eyeshadow Tutorial

You can’t pinch me this St. Patty’s Day, I’ll be wearing some green eyeshadow! No, seriously, it’s not as scary looking as it sounds. In this tutorial, I’m using one of Wet n Wild’s most popular eyeshadow palettes, Comfort Zone. I love the color selection in this palette and the whole right side of it has green toned shades. Wet n Wild’s eyeshadow quality is amazing and their prices could not be any better. This tutorial is a little different than my others because I basically made up what I was doing as I went, but that’s how they all start and it’s still fun!
Before we begin, we have to prime the eyes to make sure that all of our hard work doesn’t go anywhere throughout the day. I’m using my favorite Milani eyeshadow primer and paying attention that my eyelids don’t crease as it dries. Once that’s set, I’m using another staple item from Wet n Wild’s collection - their Brulee single eyeshadow. This is only $1 and if you don’t have it in your makeup stash, you need to! It can be used for so many things.
Since the palette that we’ll be using doesn’t have one matte shade, I’m bringing in a NYX single eyeshadow in the shade True Taupe. I’m applying this with a Morphe MB23 brush carelessly into my crease to create a natural definition. This will also keep the other colors grounded by providing a soft matte background.
Going into the Comfort Zone palette, I’m taking some of the crease shade on the left side of the palette and placing that on the outer corner of my eye with a blending brush from the Sephora Professional Collection. Again, we’re bringing in another brown shade to tie everything together. Wet n Wild does always have cute names for their palettes, but none of the actual shades are ever listed as anything else so try to stick with me and refer to the pictures to know what colors I’m using in each step.
To add some definition to the very outer corner of my eye, I’m taking the crease shade on the right side of the palette on an Elf Contour brush. This brush is perfect for exact placement of the eyeshadow, which is great especially when working with dark colors such as this one. After placing this color down, make sure to go in with a more fluffy eyeshadow brush that doesn’t have any product on it to really blend things together. Not doing so will create a more harsh look.
Dark green.jpgDefinition.JPG
The shade we just used is a very dark green shade, but it’s almost not really noticeable that it’s actually green so I’m taking the brighter eyelid shade directly above it and placing that on my lower lash line with a Royal & Langnickel BOM-18 detail brush that I just received in my February Boxycharm. You can place this as far under the lower lashline as you would like. If you want it to be a little brighter, you can place a white or green pencil as a base. More details on that trick here.
Light green.jpgLower lashline.JPG
For the eyelid, I’m taking the silvery shade directly above the one we just applied and placing that over the inner half of my lid. I applied it with my finger first and blended out the edges with a Royal & Langnickel BOM-40 shader brush from the same Omnia Kit as the one we just used. This is another one I would recommend to use a white base underneath because after applying it, I still wanted the shadow a little brighter than how it was showing up.
Wanting to add a little bit more color to everything, I took the last shade in the palette on that same Elf Contour brush that I used earlier and placed it directly on the upper part of my crease. This is probably the most popular shade in this palette because it’s so rare. It’s a beautiful duochrome finish that has a mixture of greens, purples, and even a little brown depending on the way the light hits it. Again, make sure to blend with a clean blending brush after this step to keep the edges smooth.
Duochrome.jpgUpper crease.JPG
To brighten everything up a little bit, I’m taking the creamy brow bone shade on the left side of the palette and placing that right on the inner corner of my eye with that same Royal & Langnickel BOM-18 detail brush. I wouldn’t recommend placing this on the brow bone just because it is so shimmery. Instead, I used a matte white shade to create more dimension and add a natural highlight in that area.
Cream.jpgInner corner.JPG
I don’t want to do too much for eyeliner because I don’t want to cover up the green that we placed on the lower lashline already. So I’m taking the dark green crease shade from the palette and placing that as close as I can halfway along both my upper and lower lashline with an angled eyeliner brush from Ecotools.
After that was all done, I realized I wanted to brighten up the look even more because it was a little too dark for my liking. So I took my finger into the bright cream shade that we used for the inner corner and lightly patted that directly in the center of my eyelid. This will help the highest point of my eye to catch the light better.
Center lid.JPG
Finishing up by curling the lashes and applying a billion coats of mascara, as per my usual lash routine. The mascara I’m using today is Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara. I’ve been using it for a little over a week now and although I think the formula is fine, I think the brush is way too big for me to be comfortable with. I definitely like their Roller Lash mascara much better!
Here’s a close up of what the final product looks like:
Finished look.JPG
And a more condensed guide of every step we just took for easier reference:
I tried to keep things pretty simple in this look because I know St. Patty’s day falls on a weekday this year and I wanted to create something that is wearable for work or school. Of course, you could switch up the colors a little bit and put the brighter green all over the lid too. Either way, I think this palette is great and provides some beautiful greens.

If you recreate this look, please tag me on social media. I’d love to see what you come up with! Also, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Have a great weekend!

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