March Boxycharm Unboxing

If I had a penny for every time I accurately predicted when my Boxycharm will show up, I’d be rich. I’m telling you, it’s always early one month and late the next but never consistently on time. Is that a pet peeve for anyone else or is it just me? I love Boxycharm, I really do. Their customer service is great, their value is amazing, I’m usually happy with the products I receive, but their shipping is something else. What matters right now, though, is that the box is finally here. Let’s quickly review last month’s products first, as usual, before diving into March’s goodies.

~Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator~ This did a really good job exfoliating. If you like scrubs that aren’t very harsh with rough beads, then this might be for you. I do usually enjoy more harsh exfoliants, but wasn’t disappointed in the way this performed.

~Royal & Langnickel Omnia Eye Kit~ I love these brushes! I’ve been using them constantly since receiving them in my box last month and they are wonderful. They’re super soft and exactly the type of brush that I use in my daily makeup routine. I did wash them recently and didn’t have any issues with shedding.

~Small Z Palette~ This works just as any other z palette usually does. It kept the eyeshadows in place and was very convenient to store in my collection. However, as I mentioned in my unboxing post, it will no longer be a product that I recommend. For something similar, you can check out my DIY Z palette or check out the options Makeup Geek offers at a better quality.

~Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (Creme Brulee and Cinderella)~ I love Makeup Geek eyeshadows. That is definitely not a secret. I haven’t tried one product from them that I don’t like and they are a brand that I will always recommend. Their quality, price, and customer service is perfect!

~Real Her Moisturizing Lipstick (Sorry, Not Sorry)~ I actually really liked this lipstick, which is pretty rare for me to say about a lip product included in a subscription box. The color was beautiful and the formula was very comfortable. The only complaint I had was that the angle is a little steep, which made it a bit difficult hard to apply. I could work through it with this light color, but I can definitely see it being an issue with something darker. Other than that, I love it and have used it often.

Last month’s box was one of the best we’ve had in a really long time. That’s always a good thing because it makes me very happy, but then it also worries me a little bit because the bar is raised so high for the next month. The theme for March is Creepy Cute. I don’t really understand the creepy part, but I’ll roll with it as long as the products are good!
Although Boxycharm likes to include new brands, they also repeat certain brands pretty often. Crown brush has appeared in many of my previous boxes, but I’m not complaining because I really do like the quality of them. This is their SS023 Jumbo Kabuki Fan brush ($19) and although it’s incredibly soft, we did just receive another fan brush from this brand two months ago. I can see many uses for this brush and can incorporate it into my routine, but I would like to see more variety in the boxes rather than just another type of the same shape brush.
I think I had a super tiny sample of this Smashbox Photo Finish primer from Ipsy years ago, but I can’t remember how I liked it so I’m glad to see that it’s included in this box. I’m also happy to see a high-end brand such as Smashbox included. Although it’s only the travel size (.5 oz.) and not the full size (1 oz.), it’s still a good deal. This size retails for $16 and has the same claims as most primers do: blur the pores, extend the wear of foundation, etc. We’ll see!
The next thing that was included in the box is an eyeshadow palette from Naked Cosmetics. I don’t know much about this brand and I’ve never tried any of their products before, so this is exciting. It comes with three colorful eyeshadows and retails at $40. Am I just cheap or is that a super crazy price for what you’re getting?! These better be amazing.
The colors included are definitely not colors that I would typically wear very much. I do wear purples, but I don’t see me reaching for the coppery orange or the green. The copper shade feels like straight butter, but the other two are definitely lacking in quality. They’re more dry and require much more effort to build up the pigment. I’m also not liking that it’s not a palette that you can create an eyelook out of, but I’ll play around and see what can be done.
The last two items are both from Real Her Cosmetics. I was first introduced to this brand last month when I received one of their lipsticks in my February box. I loved the quality on it, so although I’ve mentioned how I’m not the biggest fan of lip products in subscription boxes, I was actually excited to see these. This first one is the Expert Advice Lip Liner which retails for $12.50. The shade I got is called I Am Unstoppable and I have to say that after swatching it, I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a smooth lip liner in my life!
Lipliner.JPGLipliner swatch.JPG
The last product is the Real Her Cosmetics Ladylove Matte Liquid Lipstick which is priced at $15 for .15 oz. The shade I received in this is called I Will Succeed and I don’t think these two could’ve been a better shade match if they tried. I don’t usually like matte lips and I’m really picky with the texture of liquid lipsticks, so hopefully this one’s good. Both of these lip products are cruelty free, paraben free, made with natural ingredients, and infused with jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid, according to the packaging. I think it’s going to be very long-wearing because I had the hardest time trying to get this swatch off of my hand.
Lipstick.JPGLipstick swatch.JPG
The total value for this month’s box is $102! It’s not that impressive when comparing it to previous boxes, but it’s still an amazing steal for only paying $21. Aside from the eyeshadow palette, I am excited about everything that was included in this month’s box. Although I am kinda looking forward to the challenge of figuring that palette out! If you’d like to find out more information about Boxycharm or would like to sign up for yourself, you can visit their website for more details.

If this Friday Funny isn’t the perfect example for USPS shipping, I don’t know what is! Did you get Boxycharm this month? Let me know what your favorite product was in the comments below!

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